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Squirrel_Master82 t1_ja6jaly wrote

"Thank you, Russian soldier, for saving me from your unprovoked attacks. I'm so thankful that you were there to save me from you" (The crowd erupts in thunderous applause)


passinghere t1_ja7d1m8 wrote

Yeah how fucking insane is it that anyone believes this propaganda / indoctrination

.....Oh thank you so very much for saving us from being killed because you were the ones bombing and killing us... FFS they could have saved millions more simply by not doing anything in the first place and not starting their illegal war


Bodach42 t1_ja8gzqq wrote

And if we don't thank you now you will probably kill us, Russia is a truly disgusting place for doing this.


serrol_ t1_ja97fv9 wrote

They're Russian. Romney tried warning everyone and he was laughed at. Plenty of people before him brought up just how bad Russia was, but everyone continued to say, "blame the government, not the people," as if the people were perfect and moral.


ChaotiNeutrSamaritan t1_ja9j1cg wrote

If you saw everyone who didn't believe taken away from the filtration camp never to be seen again you'd also believe everything you're being told.


passinghere t1_jabxf5b wrote

Or at the very least you'd publicly claim to believe it to save yourself