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pegothejerk t1_j74shxw wrote

We have altered the deal. Pray that we don’t altered it any further. -The Rebels


IamtheHoffman t1_j74srga wrote

96% no... Damn that's a strong "Pray that we don’t alter it any further." message.


Celphi t1_j74xefw wrote

96% of around 14,000 that bothered to vote. The union has 32,000 members. And that's out of a workforce of 75,000. There's a reason Disney is lowballing them.


pegothejerk t1_j74ydgr wrote

Is it because they like profits more than employees’ happiness?


IamtheHoffman t1_j74zo3w wrote

This is like asking if water is wet.


pegothejerk t1_j7522uc wrote

It’s more like telling someone my leg is wet because they peed on it when they’re telling me it might be wet because my entire family didn’t show up.


Celphi t1_j7548ie wrote

Disney has gotten really, really good at keeping the union weak. I'm not blaming the union, but a weak union is helping Disney keep the ball in their court.


sjfiuauqadfj t1_j75kilv wrote

i dont think there are many strong unions in america these days to begin with lol. its just the police unions and the firefighter unions who generally get what they want all the time


New-Work-139 t1_j78csgx wrote

More practically it’s because Disney views those striking as easy to replace.


Celphi t1_j74wbe6 wrote

The unions at Disney are painfully weak. The union workers don't make up even half the cast members and Disney employs what's known as the 'College Program'. People who are housed in Disney owned apartments, rely on Disney for transportation, are paid below normal compensation and who are forbidden from being in the union.

From the article:

>More than 14,000 votes were cast and 96% voted no.

Out of:

>Currently, the park has 75,000 cast members

One of the places I worked there had a whopping 3 members (myself included) in the entire department. I'm pretty sure life would continue on without us in the event of a strike.


Drikkink t1_j75zgq9 wrote

I worked college program for a year in culinary. I was paid reasonably well but they charged a TON for rent (since we all lived in dorms) and took it directly from your paycheck. I think I got charged roughly 150 a week to share a 3 bedroom with 5 other guys.

I got hired on full time, got a $4 an hour raise, paid 700 a month as my portion of a 3 way split 3 bedroom and would have been union with benefits if I made it a year. I left near that year point because I wanted to finish my degree.

Overall, the program wasn't awful. Made a lot of friends and it was a fun time having constant access to the parks, but they really did treat it like slave labor.


razorirr t1_j76n11w wrote

I mean a ton for rent is normal for dorms. UofM charges 25880 per school year for a triple dorm. If you figured that cost out for a full year, your lovers triangle could build a 3br 2ba median cost house in the state in 6.5 years.

they also are charging 5172 a school year (8 months) for food. 646 a month / 21.55 a day


radcattitude t1_j76of6p wrote

There’s definitely something worse about Disney company town-ing 18 year olds desperate to feel some Disney Magic.


Celphi t1_j775k21 wrote

I liked the overall idea of the program, its just how exploitative they ended up making it, and in the end, was seemed like it was just another way to weaken the unions. Some of the best friends I ever made working there were CPs.


fredmull1973 t1_j74x7ab wrote

Their college music program was just ended


Celphi t1_j74z94s wrote

CP was more than just music. CPs were 'embedded' in pretty much every department at the parks.


Soma91 t1_j7713bh wrote

> forbidden from being in the union.

How is this not highly illegal?


whitepikmin11 t1_j78ju7h wrote

CPs don't even get holiday pay cause they're "interns" and for some reason that means they don't get any benefits.


das_thorn t1_j763li5 wrote

Not really surprising when there are thousands of people willing to uproot their lives and move to work at Disney.


danvapes_ t1_j78yi6q wrote

That's just the south in general, also right to work laws in this country really keep union membership numbers down. I worked as a union electrician in Florida for five and a half years, we have very low market share, and because unions are weak down here, the conditions, pay, and benefits were significantly lower than other union strong areas. However, I don't regret being a union member one bit. My pay and benefits were far above what a lot of electricians are paid in this state.

Unfortunately the IBEW local that services Orlando and Disney has one of the lowest scales in the state.


lokiswolf t1_j75y84p wrote

Disney doesn’t keep the union weak, Florida Law does. Florida has an anti-strike law, and several other clauses that kinda gut what a union can do to negotiate. The issue is that Disney knows that we will have to accept whatever they finally decide on because Florida law backs them and not the workers.

The bus union a few years ago decided to implement a call in protest about the lowball wage increase Disney offered them, Disney promptly 1) hired an outside company to run buses, 2) fired a bunch of drivers and disciplined a bunch more, 3) sent a letter to every cast member basically saying “don’t even try it, we will fire you”. State said that was fine, continue on. A lot of people won’t join the union because they know that Florida law makes the union basically just a negotiation entity with next to no power.


TurningTwo t1_j754drf wrote

Fuck Disneyland anyway. It’s an elitist dystopia that offers multiple layers of line-jumping depending on how much you’re willing to pay. Meanwhile, the average family from anytown USA is trapped in endless lines and gets to go on about six rides a day.


sjfiuauqadfj t1_j75krpd wrote

ride queues are a very complicated topic tbh and when your park is as popular as disneyland, its very difficult to manage wait times. this was the case even when you couldnt pay money to jump the line


Feeling_Glonky69 t1_j77tr7m wrote

Fun fact, and probably common knowledge, but the whole point of Disney shows at the park is to try to alleviate wait times for rides


Hygochi t1_j78a865 wrote

People eaters. Restaurants, shows, fireworks, etc.


Deathknightjeffery t1_j75pjyo wrote

When I went there in October there is 1 form of line jumping


Tarroes t1_j76kn6p wrote

Yeah, there's the fast pass, don't know what else that dude is talking about. When I went it didn't even cost extra


epicstruggle t1_j76sxgw wrote


Fast Pass/Lightning

VIP Tours. (450-900/hour with a minimum 7 hours of booking).


BarCompetitive7220 t1_j76wk92 wrote

Corporate America is very late in embracing the $15/hr. That salary is no longer sufficient after the huge inflations after Covid and Big Oil GREED. Some seem to forget what has occurred since 2019. If a person can not live on that income, then they should strike for better wages.

96% voted for strike. Spring is coming Disney - how much are you willing to lose to prove that you are jerks towards employees.


New-Work-139 t1_j78cwuf wrote

Eh it’s a minority of their workers, mostly low skilled and younger folks per another poster. I’m not sure Disney is really feeling the heat right now based on the article. Plus most of them are getting food and housing free per another poster.


Twintower34 t1_j795fs2 wrote

How do you know they're mostly low skilled?


New-Work-139 t1_j796vb9 wrote

Well they’re low-wage and hourly which is usually a pretty strong indicator. They work in hospitality which has very few trade certifications or pathways for skilled positions, at least in the theme park context. I think it’s pretty obvious they’re low skilled.


Twintower34 t1_j797933 wrote

>Well they’re low-wage and hourly which is usually a pretty strong indicator.

Not really.

>They work in hospitality which has very few trade certifications or pathways for skilled positions, at least in the theme park context.

Not having trade certifications, doesn't make someone low skill though.

>I think it’s pretty obvious they’re low skilled.

It's not. You just have a narrow idea of what it means to be skilled.


New-Work-139 t1_j799xhy wrote

I appreciate the point you’re trying to make but “low skilled” is a federally defined professional circumstance and includes on-the-ground hospitality workers.


Twintower34 t1_j79a6lx wrote

I don't care how the BLS describes workers.


New-Work-139 t1_j79b9xd wrote

At which a point you’re stuck with unfounded opinions not worthy of much consideration


Twintower34 t1_j79cla9 wrote

That's fine. I'd rather not waste time discussing what is/isn't a skill, with someone who uses the fed government's opinion on the subject.

Carry on


_TurtleBox_ t1_j75fic9 wrote

"My clients terms are non-negotiable, ah-huyck!" says the union members representative."


JackPoe t1_j770u90 wrote

The fuck is going on in the comments with all the Disney support


unloader86 t1_j79cxjs wrote

Disney has an extremely loyal fanbase in regards to the theme parks.


tigerofjiangdong1337 t1_j7hufqs wrote

I thought I read in Nov/dec that they were doing a hiring freeze and to expect layoffs. Won't this just increase the layoffs?


dremonearm t1_j74troi wrote

Are there strike breakers willing to cross the picket lines?


Celphi t1_j74x1pf wrote

All of the other cast members and the CPs who basically rely on Disney for housing and transportation.


truebeliever08 t1_j76ucir wrote

Expect ticket prices to skyrocket. Pay never increases without price inflation to follow.


Feeling_Glonky69 t1_j77uigc wrote

I mean the alternative would be to gasp maybe still make a shiiiiit load of profit, but just a little less, to help the people that do the work live okay lives.

What a massive thing to ask for. /s


truebeliever08 t1_j78036a wrote

I’m not defending Disney. They’re concentrated evil who happen to own everything we enjoy. I’m just saying what they’ll do if there’s a pay increase. They’ll take it out on the customer, like everyone always does.


New-Work-139 t1_j78cipn wrote

An immediate 20% raise and additional annual raises every year for five years? Do the unions really have subject matter expertise that commands that kind of leverage?


jeremyski t1_j78deqp wrote

Disney and the union should meet in the middle. $2 immediate raise with $1 annual raises. The union wants $3, Disney wants $1 so both sides will have to sacrifice to get what they want. Do the cast members deserve to be paid more? Of course they do, especially with the profit Disney produces. Realistically however, you can't expect Disney to ever agree to an immediate $3 raise.


Twintower34 t1_j795ts7 wrote

Between profits and inflation, Disney can afford the $3. No need to meet in the middle


IsThisKismet t1_j79fqmt wrote

They’d have to pay me $4 extra just to live in Florida.