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TurningTwo t1_j754drf wrote

Fuck Disneyland anyway. It’s an elitist dystopia that offers multiple layers of line-jumping depending on how much you’re willing to pay. Meanwhile, the average family from anytown USA is trapped in endless lines and gets to go on about six rides a day.


sjfiuauqadfj t1_j75krpd wrote

ride queues are a very complicated topic tbh and when your park is as popular as disneyland, its very difficult to manage wait times. this was the case even when you couldnt pay money to jump the line


Feeling_Glonky69 t1_j77tr7m wrote

Fun fact, and probably common knowledge, but the whole point of Disney shows at the park is to try to alleviate wait times for rides


Hygochi t1_j78a865 wrote

People eaters. Restaurants, shows, fireworks, etc.


Deathknightjeffery t1_j75pjyo wrote

When I went there in October there is 1 form of line jumping


Tarroes t1_j76kn6p wrote

Yeah, there's the fast pass, don't know what else that dude is talking about. When I went it didn't even cost extra


epicstruggle t1_j76sxgw wrote


Fast Pass/Lightning

VIP Tours. (450-900/hour with a minimum 7 hours of booking).