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SunsetKittens t1_j7562bb wrote

>The suspects, identified in charging documents as Angel Uriarte, 35, and Noah Beard, 25, are known members of the Norteño gang, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said during a news conference. He said the January 16 shooting was the likely result of a conflict with members of the Sureños, a rival gang.

Nortenos means "northerners". Surenos means "southerners". So the conflict is literally between the northern California gang and the southern California gang.


ImperiumSomnium t1_j75fkzj wrote

They are the street level gang afiliates of the Nuestra Familia and Mexican Mafia prison gangs. But you are correct about the geographic component of the rivalry.


weecefwew t1_j75cson wrote

It’s more convoluted and complicated than that