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Imaginary_Medium t1_j7fq2t8 wrote

Go on amazon and look up carpet rakes. They are not expensive and can save you a lot of money over fancy vacuum cleaners. You can rake up the hair quite fast. Sometimes I didn't even need to vacuum, it was just fur.


Mcboatface3sghost t1_j7gvxla wrote

Unfortunately they are chasing tennis balls up in the foreverland, I’m not ready yet to jump back in that pool but I will be soon. That said, great advice and will make a great gift for literally all my neighbors, brother and sister puppy husky with some wolf (I do t like that, but that’s a different story) brother and brother Bernese mtn/ poodle mix, the goofiest Labrador in the history of goofy labs, and a Yorkie that likes to party with all of them which is ridiculous. I should start documenting the insanity.


Imaginary_Medium t1_j7ia4eb wrote

I'm sorry for the loss of your furbabies, I know how that feels. Sounds like there are some great dogs in your life to love though and that's a good thing. After we lost our big sweet lab mix we jumped back in probably a little too soon and brought home a little beagle mix on impulse. She's nuts, but I love that little stinker.