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bandit69 t1_j76uigr wrote

From what I've seen lately, a lot more stores than these use shady practices to make money. Everybody should know how often, prices are jacked up, then put on sale for the old price, or advertise great quantity discounts where if you check, it's actually cheaper to buy the items individually.

One of my favorites is dog food. I used to but 50 lb. bags. They shrunk the size to 45 lbs and advertised them as 40 lb. bags with 5 additional lbs. For Free!


Accurate_Zombie_121 t1_j76y731 wrote

You feed your dog Dollar General kibble? Don't you like your dog?


bandit69 t1_j76zghl wrote

No, Pedigree. Vet says it's fine, and have one dog over 15 years old.


Mcboatface3sghost t1_j77lidr wrote

Pedigree is a quality product, when I had big dogs I fed them “small crunchy bits” their entire life, then throw in a can of wet and mix it up they would go nuts. Source- former owner of Newfoundland and a golden at the same time, Now let’s talk about vacuums….. edit for grammar and spelling.


noeagle77 t1_j77p689 wrote

Your living room HAD to have been under a 3 foot layer of dog hair at all times lmao


Mcboatface3sghost t1_j77qsoe wrote

It was more of a tumbleweed scenario. My Labrador was the worst, that hair would embed itself in to everything. Either way, I know me some vacuums. Orek for the money and ability all day long. Not expensive, not cheap, but it is the conqueror of dog hair.


noeagle77 t1_j784910 wrote

That was gonna be my next question! Will definitely come to you next time I need a new one!!


Imaginary_Medium t1_j7fq2t8 wrote

Go on amazon and look up carpet rakes. They are not expensive and can save you a lot of money over fancy vacuum cleaners. You can rake up the hair quite fast. Sometimes I didn't even need to vacuum, it was just fur.


Mcboatface3sghost t1_j7gvxla wrote

Unfortunately they are chasing tennis balls up in the foreverland, I’m not ready yet to jump back in that pool but I will be soon. That said, great advice and will make a great gift for literally all my neighbors, brother and sister puppy husky with some wolf (I do t like that, but that’s a different story) brother and brother Bernese mtn/ poodle mix, the goofiest Labrador in the history of goofy labs, and a Yorkie that likes to party with all of them which is ridiculous. I should start documenting the insanity.


Imaginary_Medium t1_j7ia4eb wrote

I'm sorry for the loss of your furbabies, I know how that feels. Sounds like there are some great dogs in your life to love though and that's a good thing. After we lost our big sweet lab mix we jumped back in probably a little too soon and brought home a little beagle mix on impulse. She's nuts, but I love that little stinker.


Mcboatface3sghost t1_j77rwdh wrote

The newfy feared vacuums, the golden didn’t care at all, you had to make her move to vacuum. Also, the newfy was 165lbs at her biggest and was afraid of everything, blowing leaf? Run. Rabbit? Run. Squirrel, yep- run. But would swim all day long in the summer and lounge in a pile of snow in the winter all day. I live on a lake in UNY so she got both. RIP you big beautiful black bear.


20190419 t1_j7762i7 wrote

Be careful of some expensive brands also. Family member was feeding their dog very expensive food and it nearly killed the dog because the food was adulterated. I think there is a class action lawsuit in the US. Not saying the cheapest food is a good idea. Just have to be careful.


Krewtan t1_j77ajyg wrote

I would love to recommend a quality brand made in the US, but history taught me to never recommend dog food or take recommendations because no one gives a fuck what you feed your dog, just how much you'll pay for it.


Blawoffice t1_j7au2vj wrote

Make your own is the answer. Real vegetables (unprocessed and typically raw), fresh meat, and sometimes fruit. Your dog will be much happier although it takes a bit more work preparing and storing compared to kibble.


Krewtan t1_j7bs32w wrote

If it was my dog (and not my parents dog) I'd definitely do this. He does get protein and glucosamine and chondroitin in his treats, and a small unseasoned portion of whatever protein my parents make for supper. So he's well cared for, he's almost 3 years past his breeds life expectancy.

I've watched bengals for friends that had a home made diet, and honestly it was simple and cheap. They prepped all the meals before leaving, but they showed me how easy it was one day. A weeks worth of food for 3 cats isn't exactly cheap, but when the ingredients are bought in bulk its a little cheaper than quality canned food. I would definitely do this for a dog when I'm in a place to care for one.


Aazadan t1_j7ftu0t wrote

The kibble has a picture of a dog on it. Presumably that means dog food.


beeandthecity t1_j78fot9 wrote

I noticed this with products before and after Black Friday/cyber Monday. I’ll start watching the items in October/November. The prices will slowly climb, and drop back to their original price during Black Friday/Cyber Monday and claim that they’re on sale.


bandit69 t1_j78muib wrote

And the consumers keep buying it - both the hype and the product.


bicoolano t1_j78oq68 wrote

I worked at a national clothing chain back in the 80s. This was before UPC/SKU tags became commonplace. Days before an advertised sale, we'd pull the sale items and reticket to them to a higher price, then put them back out the morning of the sale.


bandit69 t1_j78yly3 wrote

Yeah, because who can resist a good sale? /s


JohnnyFreakingDanger t1_j7amom8 wrote

1/3rd of my 20 oz Heinz mustard bottle’s label says “Has 40% more!” Then in small print “Than our 16 oz bottle.”

Like… 1/3rd if the label is declaring that this size of bottle is different than a differently sized bottle of the same product.


SamurottX t1_j76unl9 wrote

Dollar stores like this are part of the trap that keeps people impoverished. They offer stuff that is a little bit cheaper, but way worse quality or quantity. So many items are actually cheaper at a grocery store, but of course many Americans live in food deserts where they can't get transportation to a real store. Dollar stores tend to be understaffed, so even in the unlikely situation that the managers aren't being malicious, there aren't enough people to watch the register and clean up the shelves. Stores that have "price mistakes" like this should be ordered to honor the lowest price advertised and pay 10x what they scammed in fines.


Mcboatface3sghost t1_j77m12o wrote

As someone who has travelled the country off the beaten path (generally avoiding interstates) since the pandemic I have discovered you can get a solid idea of a town based on “family dollar” “dollar general” stores. I have been through towns where they were literally across the street from each other. I did not stop in those town, except for a quick Waffle House refill. Edited for spelling and grammar.


KilroyLeges t1_j77ug81 wrote

I agree with your assessment. I will add the comment that I live in a decently sized, rapidly growing metro, where average incomes are above average. In the last year or 2, I have seen an explosion of Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree stores in town. My wife and I were out last night and commented on noticing 2 new ones on the same major road less then 1 mile apart. It seems to be an unreal amount of expansion.


Mcboatface3sghost t1_j77winw wrote

Even 10-15 years ago, you didn’t see that. Both of their company values and stock prices are an indication of their growth. See a Costco? You are in a nice area, don’t see shit but dollar gen or family dollar? You are in poor town. Dollar General is at 228.00 per share, I’m not a broker but that’s definitely an indication of where we are headed.


TheDollarstoreDoctor t1_j79dkcr wrote

>See a Costco? You are in a nice area, don’t see shit but dollar gen or family dollar? You are in poor town.

Ha, love the contradiction of the area I live in (city suburbs). The Dollar Tree & Costco share a parking lot.


Mcboatface3sghost t1_j79w7f4 wrote

Sure, it’s possible and happens. You will find family dollar, dollar gen, etc… in nice areas, but if it’s a bit rural, a bit rough, you won’t see a Costco. I’m not even sure why I used that as a point of reference, but dammit, I’m sticking to it.


Blawoffice t1_j7aug8s wrote

This is not a coincidence - it is part of their placement strategy. They look for low income locations with cheap real estate which they can dictate terms.


Amigobear t1_j77qo77 wrote

Also their way worse for small mom and pop shops as they flood every corner with on in a given place with one or two workers per store


SkunkMonkey t1_j772upv wrote

Check the price per pound on their bagged "bulk" cereals and compare to the boxed ones. The bagged bulk costs more per pound. Such a fucking scam.

Don't get me started on how they post the unit price in a position on the label that just happens to fall behind the bottom lip of the shelf. You can't read the price if it's above eye level. I've used my phone camera to read them. Again, fucking scammers.


shewy92 t1_j772xdb wrote

>Inspectors at one store found price tags that were two years old

Sounds about right.


ToxicAdamm t1_j79e9b6 wrote

Most of these are understaffed with overworked workers. Sales happen, they don’t update the system and then customers don’t catch the mistake.

I had it happen near me. I had an item that was 3/10 and I begrudgingly paid 10 dollars instead of the 4.75 for one. I get to the counter and it rang up at full price. Had to walk the clerk back to the shelf to show them. Came in two weeks later and the same thing happened.


SuitableNegotiation5 t1_j794h2v wrote

It's all just garbage waiting to happen anyway. Just a store full of landfill fodder. Not to mention the atrocious way they (and their customers, a lot of the time) treat the employees. I would not be sad if they all disappeared.


Draker-X t1_j77kloo wrote

You'd think the last place that would have a pricing issue would be a dollar store.


HardlyDecent t1_j786ea8 wrote

DG and FD are different from "dollar stores," where every item is supposed to be a dollar. They're just normal stores with really low quality food (mostly processed crap), though the one near me has decent prices for good shampoo for some reason.

ETA: Dollar Tree is an example of a store that charged $1 at a time (now $1.25 maybe?).


Draker-X t1_j78sag3 wrote

I'm aware. It was a joke

During my "starving artist" days of my 20s and much of my 30s, I spent many a dollar at Dollar Tree: which used to be a true "dollar store".