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Hav3_Y0u_M3t_T3d t1_j77c0is wrote

Oh no the consequences of our actions, they're here again


popecorkyxxiv t1_j77f8nv wrote

No no no, that's not how conservative politics work. Anything bad that happens has nothing whatsoever to do with their actions but are the direct result of some political belief of the other side. Example, hurricanes are not caused by climate change, it's because God is angry at gay marriage.


soldforaspaceship t1_j78stli wrote

Clearly it's because Brexit didn't go far enough. If it had been a full Brexit then we'd have had millions, dare I say billions for research funding.

(/s in case I wasn't clear)


Haagen76 t1_j78ywam wrote

TBF, I think they (conservatives) may be happy with this?


NoChance182 t1_j778w0i wrote

I’d say Brexit is going rather well, the benefits haven’t shown up yet, but we finally have control to screw ourselves over now


ahothabeth t1_j77gjzl wrote

but we finally have control to screw ourselves over and over and over and over and over and over again now


momentum77 t1_j77e7dj wrote

Love watching a world spanning empire get reduced to a paltry 3rd world country within my lifetime.


Keylime29 t1_j78i37j wrote

Helped along with same foreign/rich assholes propaganda that is working on destroying the USA


cmVkZGl0 t1_j79m7ly wrote

They wanted to be like America and now they are getting their wish.


[deleted] t1_j79s6jn wrote



jamar030303 t1_j7a0icv wrote

The US essentially has a trade bloc equivalent to Europe contained entirely within its borders. Thus, it doesn't necessarily need an economic union with other countries. The UK does not.


tom90640 t1_j78k2o1 wrote

> world spanning empire get reduced to a paltry 3rd world country within my lifetime

They were so tough that no one else could it.


momentum77 t1_j7rhnbv wrote

As is the case with powerful nations, their downfall is from internal BS.


MillyBDilly t1_j79f6cf wrote

Ys, definitely better than lifting other people up, drag them down. Genius.


Hattix t1_j77tt6v wrote

Another Brexit Benefit(tm). We're no longer squandering cash on advancement and development which could be better used to give tax breaks to bankers.


shogun100100 t1_j77xxzj wrote

The whole situation would quite frankly be hilarious if I wasnt living on the same island as these idiots.


raistlin65 t1_j7dmgmr wrote

That's okay. We got a bunch of idiots over here in the US who don't want to raise our debt ceiling. Which would be at least as stupid as Brexit.


LostThyme t1_j781ejj wrote

Sowing: This is awesome!

Reaping: Hey, what the fuck!?!


BarCompetitive7220 t1_j77vmjm wrote

Once again those damn unintended consequences of Brexit come to bite not just the middle / lower class, it bites UP and is causes a brain drain of the top tier research academics - which will have a long term effect. There will be no role models for young students to admire and strive to model.


M3wlion t1_j7m77rb wrote

There will be role models. They just won’t be good ones


2ndtryagain t1_j788zcp wrote

r/BrexitAteMyFace may never runs out of material.


JBreezy11 t1_j7a0jew wrote

Can someone provide us non-Britons the pro-arguments of Brexit again???


Blofish1 t1_j7ars8c wrote

IIRC, Conservatives claimed that leaving the EU would save Britons millions of pounds a day which they claimed the UK was using to subsidize those lazy Europeans. Apparently their calculations were off (aka lying) which is shocking because they had full support from Fox News.


sf-keto t1_j7alwwo wrote

Bankers & the 0.5% will pay less tax.


macross1984 t1_j78e6am wrote

Britain is reaping the benefit of Brexit but unfortunately, not the way they expected.


james_hamilton1234 t1_j78mcgf wrote

The idiots who pushed it through are the ones surprised, everyone managed to figure out that it wouldn't be great


PositionParticular99 t1_j78rzzr wrote

So closing the border caused goods and services to stop flowing, who would have guessed.


MansfromDaVinci t1_j79g980 wrote

This is more that there are pan European funding institutions for reasearch which were quite beneficial for the UK and leaving the EU cut them off. Various pro-leave politicians made promises to match the funding, which nobody in their right mind believed, hey ho. Academics and researchers generally did not vote leave and the ones who could have been quietly leaving the Uk since 2016.


Riftreaper t1_j78nw8r wrote

Let's start a Brexin movement


sf-keto t1_j7am4yi wrote

As someone who's lived in Germany for the last 7 years & come to the UK this semester, please let me inform you that hell will freeze over before Germans want you back. They've moved on from what they now perceive to have been a toxic & unreliable relationship.

Sorry. Maybe they'll mellow in the 2030s. (◕‿◕✿)


Skahzzz t1_j7b2u45 wrote

And the requirements for re-entry would be... Unacceptable from the UK's perspective. Forget keeping your own independent currency, and most of the exceptions in trade and fishing they had before.


filutch t1_j7bamtn wrote

As they should. They sat on the head table with all privileges in the world, but still found that not enough.


BeltedCoyote1 t1_j7djrj9 wrote

Conservatism is the path to excellence. /s. But not just any sarcasm. This is the prince of all sarcasm. And it calls the earth it’s home!