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Ripcord t1_j9rtt73 wrote

Also in the 2000s. They were broken up into multiple pieces.

...until the Bush admin lobbied to overturn it.

Still. That whole process and the shock of actually being ordered to be broken up had lasting real impact on Microsoft's shittiest practices, at least for quite a while.


ThrillSurgeon t1_j9stars wrote

Microsoft had to endure a 12-hour deposition by its CEO Bill Gates. We were scheduled for a 6-hour depo by Mark Zucekerberg, but that scheduled deposition vanished. This antitrust will probably evaporate too after payments are made and assets transferred.


ObjectivePitiful1170 t1_j9vu20v wrote

> Microsoft had to endure a 12-hour deposition by its CEO Bill Gates.

We endured 12-hours of inconsequential bickering about definitions. At the end of it, Microsoft received a de-facto immunity in exchange for items of little value that did not do anything to curtail their behaviour. That only exemplifies how the anti-trust laws became supportive of monopolies.


ThrillSurgeon t1_ja2jww4 wrote

Bill and Microsoft definitely felt the pressure though. He had to say everything right for 12-hours, it was the opposite of inconsequential for someone interested in Microsoft themselves and how they skirted anti-trust rules and other regulations - a master class.They actually legitimately went after him. Nothing changing isn't true, they don't even go through with these kind of depositions anymore, that means it's gotten worse.