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ObjectivePitiful1170 t1_j9vu20v wrote

> Microsoft had to endure a 12-hour deposition by its CEO Bill Gates.

We endured 12-hours of inconsequential bickering about definitions. At the end of it, Microsoft received a de-facto immunity in exchange for items of little value that did not do anything to curtail their behaviour. That only exemplifies how the anti-trust laws became supportive of monopolies.


ThrillSurgeon t1_ja2jww4 wrote

Bill and Microsoft definitely felt the pressure though. He had to say everything right for 12-hours, it was the opposite of inconsequential for someone interested in Microsoft themselves and how they skirted anti-trust rules and other regulations - a master class.They actually legitimately went after him. Nothing changing isn't true, they don't even go through with these kind of depositions anymore, that means it's gotten worse.