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Squez360 t1_j9psih3 wrote

He said the quiet part out loud. Republicans only cares if the baby is in the womb, but after that they dont give a shit


FaustsAccountant t1_j9q0f0a wrote

The last paragraph in that article

“Mr Eastman, who is from Wasilla, became the first Alaska House member in history to be censured over a separate incident in 2017, when he claimed some Alaskans tried to get pregnant to take advantage of travel funded by the US health care programme Medicaid for medically necessary abortions.

"You have individuals who are in villages and are glad to be pregnant, so that they can have an abortion because there's a free trip to Anchorage involved," he told Alaska Public Media at the time.


Bellsar_Ringing t1_j9qc7uj wrote

I couldn't help wondering if "individuals who are in villages" is racist code for Alaskan natives.


bubblegumdrops t1_j9qb9ao wrote

Now I’ve never had an abortion but from my understanding it’s definitely not worth a free trip to Anchorage.

If I didn’t try to joke about people like him I’d be banging my head against the wall 24/7.


MeatsimPD t1_j9q3co5 wrote

They don't care about the baby in the womb, they will provide and actively deny medical care to pregnant women.

What they want is to control people and to drive their ideology to such extremes as to create a canyon between themselves and the rest of America. Extremists are easier to control, they don't engage in critical thinking, they don't question, they believe and they do as they are told


walkandtalkk t1_j9q6kxf wrote

The core of the "pro-life" movement—maybe not the lay activists, but the true theocratic ideologues who push it—is not concerned about the fetus or baby itself.

They believe that God decides when life and death occur, and that, by permitting abortion, people are overruling the will of God. It is about defending God's prerogative over life, not about defending lives.

Hence, if a child dies an hour after birth, fair enough. God willed it. But aborting the child before birth, despite knowing it would die? That's interference.

Once you consider that the religious far-right's abortion activism is grounded in a specific reading of the Bible, and not in concern for the individual fetus or child, it makes much more sense.


miryang_miryang t1_j9qqia2 wrote

More power to them but it sure made things awful for my wife and I when she needed one for medical issues last year and we had to drive across two states to get to safe clinic.

That’s what pro choice literally means. Infuriating.