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Grogosh t1_j9py1gc wrote

His point is his stance on doing nothing to help children is cost effective in multiple ways


ThrillSurgeon t1_j9stgdx wrote

Often, profit determines behavior.


cedped t1_j9tea0b wrote

That would be the case if humans were logical and not emotional beings. We often go to significant lengths and lose a shitton of money and resources just to fuck with someone we hate. What you also refer to by profit is basically greed.


ItIsYourPersonality t1_j9u0mww wrote

What’s the point of having any government at all if we’re just going to let capitalism decide policy. Just let the free market do it at that point, we don’t need politicians.

I’d rather politicians do their job, but if that’s too much work for them we can just eliminate their jobs.


finnlaand t1_j9v41w6 wrote

If that child grows up working and paying taxes its an even better investment.