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aecarol1 t1_j9qc0yi wrote

I'm not racist, but hearing the laughter of playing children makes me smile.


amibeingadick420 t1_j9qiqlx wrote

Why all the hatred towards mute children that are incapable of laughter?


MoonChild02 t1_j9rozjl wrote

Not just mute children, but children who physically can't smile, like those with Moebius syndrome.

That was a huge story when I was a kid. IIRC, Michael Jackson helped Chelsey Thomas's family pay for her surgery, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities helped her family out, too.


submittedanonymously t1_j9r5ngf wrote

I’m not racist or nothin…. But Dualie drivers that roll coal are assholes.

Hey, this is a fun trend.