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EasterBunnyArt t1_j9qjfl5 wrote

Devil’s advocate:

While he is technically correct that a dead child does save the taxpayer money, why stop there? Why not just remove all government support and taxation the . Let people fend for themselves?

Oh wait, we are supposed to be civilized and care for each other….. that awkward moment when you publicly reveal your contempt for human life is awkward…..


Valyrian_Kobolds t1_j9qkk2p wrote

It doesn't save money though, people produce more in value than they take on average. That's kind of how productivity works.


EasterBunnyArt t1_j9qmq1s wrote

I mean, tell him that. Clearly he believes in magically productivity….


ScienceLivesInsideMe t1_j9rxd8c wrote

These people believe on literal supernatural fairy gods. They are not living in the same reality as many of us


Astrium6 t1_j9qsk9i wrote

Clearly the most effective method of reducing government spending is omnicide.