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Jonruy t1_j9qx979 wrote

He was trying to take a swipe at abortion, he just did so in a way that was so bad that even all the other Republicans aged to censure him.

If you start at the position that an unborn fetus is indistinguishable from a child, then an abortion is the same as fatal child abuse. Therefore, if abortion can be pitched as something that saves welfare policies by not having to pay for unwanted children, then so can infanticide. Checkmate, Atheists.


overlyambitiousgoat t1_j9s9xtb wrote

Thank you! I was trying to figure out where in the hell he thought he was going with that line of argument.


gravescd t1_j9uvxa3 wrote

I would 100% believe that a Republican lawmaker came out as pro-child murder. It's really not a stretch anymore.


Nithorius t1_j9t1wr8 wrote

The argument makes no sense because even if it was the case that fatal child abuse is a benefit on society, there are no policy prescriptions that could come from that. If you leave abusers alone and they don't end up killing their kid, well now you have more potential criminals to deal with (because children who are abused don't tend to turn out well), and that also has a cost.

Not to mention the fact that someone who is fked up enough to kill their child when they could just abandon them instead (which is also illegal but not as bad) is probably a threat to society in many other ways.


Sinhika t1_j9uxdhf wrote

Instead, he came out sounding like a Nazi, confirming to all but deluded MAGA-hats that the Republicans have gone completely off-the-rails fascist and literally espouse genocide.