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urnewstepdaddy t1_j8v9wq7 wrote

She just can’t stop losing


fjbruzr OP t1_j8vauf1 wrote

I think it’s part of the plan at this point. The more she loses, the more her lunatic fans will believe that she’s being persecuted by the evil left. Shit like that fills up rallies!


Sebekiz t1_j8veehi wrote

Sadly this is probably exactly it. Her losing over and over just "proves" how everyone is out to get her. Q Anon is probably going in to overdrive to spin this fantasy.


LezBReeeal t1_j8wkk7k wrote

This is a grift. I think she is still fund raising off of this.


san_serifs t1_j8wh0bv wrote

Losing loser Kari Lake keeps losing.


Dirty_Quesadilla t1_j8yz3lk wrote

That sounds like a great movie for the OAN/GAC/Faux News:
“Losing Kari Lake.” 😂


Dblreppuken t1_j8wjmz8 wrote

But she just announced recently that her two pronouns are "I" and "won"! Surely this cannot be!

/s because reasons


008Zulu t1_j8vc2ha wrote

Republican't stop losing.


DonnieJuniorsEmails t1_j8wh72o wrote

it's like trumplethinskin said, they're tired of winning.

I didn't think they would embrace losing so much, but ok.


Lito_Frito t1_j8xgepm wrote

Sore losing isn’t as easy as she makes it look