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EconomistPunter t1_j9bzrls wrote

Short term GDP numbers mean nothing. The brain drain, the hollowing out of the middle class, and the long term disability consequences of soldiers are going to devastate Russia for decades.


Dropped-pie t1_j9d5jzf wrote

I can’t imagine the mental health support for returning soldiers is going to be great


EconomistPunter t1_j9d5p8o wrote

Which is why I think this is much more devastating than death. Especially for men who would be living in high mortality rural areas (or the convicts).


ChasmDude t1_j9g2wwu wrote

> the mental health support for returning soldiers

You mean cheap vodka?


ResponsibilityOne224 t1_j9c0a1b wrote

Yeah. How many Russian soldiers dying each day? Was it almost 1k?


EconomistPunter t1_j9c12yg wrote

Death is an issue for the families, but disability imposes a much larger economic cost on society.


RobinsShaman t1_j9c6kti wrote

Lost productivity of a tax payer? Lost innovation?


EconomistPunter t1_j9c6yu3 wrote

The mental, social, and physical healthcare costs of disability are astronomical. Caregiving further depletes additional labor from the market.


Bagellord t1_j9cm8b3 wrote

Lost productivity of not just the individual, but also the people who need to care for them who could have otherwise done other things. If someone's spouse was a school teacher or a factory worker, but now they have to stop doing that to care for their disabled spouse, that's another job that isn't being done.


beall49 t1_j9ebbym wrote

I really hate when people downvote someone asking a question.


KingOfSockPuppets t1_j9cjf73 wrote

Depends on when in the war you look and what's going on at the time. Currently I think they're losing around 1,000 a day as they're on an offensive push into heavily embattled areas. Their total KIA is estimated to be around 140K so far


jschubart t1_j9d2isv wrote

I think it is averaging 500-600 per day. Over 140k Russians have died according to Ukraine. Other estimates put it at half that. Still a fuck ton either way.


UNLEASHTHEFURY8 t1_j9ei9ib wrote

The economic destruction is reminiscent of Argentina's collapse, it will be a slow, downward spiral towards irrelevance.


MightyH20 t1_j9ejifm wrote

One can do math on the economic impact of dead or wounded soldiers not attributing to economic activities.

  • Average employment in Russia: 60%

  • Average Russian GDP per Capita: 12.000 a year.

  • Wounded or dead Russians: 200.000

Missing out GDP (0.6 * 200.000)*12.000= $1.440.000.000 ($1.4B a year).


Setamies46 t1_j9ey83p wrote

Don't forget those war reparations to Ukraine.


ryencool t1_j9exqsv wrote

And the numbers contained be 100% trusted either...


Vocem_Interiorem t1_j9c1gtm wrote

Decades of sanctions and being a huge nation resulted in an internal market development that can cover a lot of their own economy.

Oil and Gas is simply sold to China and India who rebrand it and sell it to the rest of the world.


[deleted] t1_j9d87xv wrote



HaloGuy381 t1_j9dnecf wrote

Gotta say: my father works cybersecurity consulting, been in the business for decades in some form or another. About a year ago, the number of incidents his firm responded to, and with it demand for prevention-oriented work, fell off massively. As in, company’s tightening the belt, laying people off, cutting bonuses, etc, because work has dried up so badly.

The suspicion is a mix of pre-war criminals in Ukraine busy being shot at, hackers in Russia being drafted, and both kinds not getting their checks from a certain mob boss masquerading as a head of state. Both countries previously had an outsize presence in significant breaches, and now it’s strangely quiet. You’re not wrong that organized crime and Russia are related problems, and dismantling one requires dealing with the other, or vice versa. Disarming them of income from criminal enterprise means fewer shells landing in Ukrainian homes.


TwoFrontHitters t1_j9fpx2u wrote

Holy shit that's pretty fascinating. I would assume the educated hackers/coders all left Russia when the conscription thing happened so they'll be back or set up shop in a refuge country.


robexib t1_j9j7fm4 wrote

Many did jump ship. Millions have fled Russia, and more are still doing so, all to avoid conscription.


BeltfedOne t1_j9bs90h wrote

Their population is shrinking by more tha expected by many.


bonjelascott t1_j9c4hfe wrote

meanwhile, back in the big brexit house.


SunsetKittens t1_j9d2g2j wrote

I love you guys. I'm sure you'll get it together eventually. Recessions aren't forever.


bonjelascott t1_j9d3rfu wrote

haha, I'm just hoping we can saw ourselves off (Scotland here) and float over to join Iceland.


Wolfrattle t1_j9bqget wrote

The question is how reliable is the data? 2.1 seems like good PR move.


waynep712222 t1_j9bs9d3 wrote

When do the hackers find putins billions. Or is that too dangerous.


DFWPunk t1_j9bvnjk wrote

They're in Switzerland and the various other safe havens. There's a reason his girlfriend spends more time in Zurich than Moscow.


KindAwareness3073 t1_j9c5cly wrote

Russia's economy is less than 5% of Western Europe's. It's a 3rd world country with nukes.


baseketball t1_j9l1c0k wrote

I think the late John McCain had the most succinct description: > "Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country"


Bitter_Director1231 t1_j9c7zd0 wrote

Apparently we need to get tougher. And make hard choices.

Russia is essential a 3rd world country with bluster and nukes. Everything else is a disaster and a facade.


TwoFrontHitters t1_j9fp27h wrote

Just like China actually. 1st world economy but 3rd world living.


Randomonium5 t1_j9cin8o wrote

I have been wondering how significant emptying the prisons is


[deleted] t1_j9cmazf wrote

Yeah, we haven't seen that before, with literally the same country. The problem is that UA don't have the luxury of time.


lswins t1_j9gdd26 wrote

They are obviously not hurting enough. More sanctions are needed. Good thing they plan to enact them on the one year anniversary.


Zealousideal_Bid118 t1_j9c09ex wrote

How many people expected it to shrink that much? Europe is still desperately buying all of their fuel exports, and that is their main export. Like what ???


DeMalgamnated t1_j9chana wrote

hasn't shrunk as much as putin's shriveled dwarf cock that shares an uncanny likeness to lavrovs saggy face.

i bet the stolen goods industry is booming in russia right now though with all the stuff they've looted so far from ukraine.

russia's economy is like a damp sock floating in a pool of ass juice.


Thunderhamz t1_j9c8rmn wrote

Russian economy shrinks but penis size increases 25%, there’s something here, we just need to connect the dots