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Neospecial t1_j95gjji wrote

Isn't it always "OFF"? As in intentionally turning itself off second before a crash to avoid liability? I don't know and don't care to find out, just something read or heard somewhere at some point.

I'd not trust an AI driving me regardless.


hwangjae45 t1_j95gyg8 wrote

From what I know Tesla cars have a record of when it turns it’s auto pilot on and off, and from what I’ve seen it seems I think that it records that it is on. With that said I think Tesla had a recall due to their auto pilots, so it does seem to be a huge problem.


razorirr t1_j96c9l7 wrote

Nah. NHTSA requires reporting of all accidents up to 30 seconds after it turns off.

So if you think its turning off to not get counted, that means you think its not able to avoid crashing, but is able to realize its going to crash a half mile up the road, turn itself off, which it notifies you its doing, then the driver ignores the minority report self turn off, does not take over, and crashes.


TenderfootGungi t1_j97bg88 wrote

They were caught turning it off a split second before most crashes, and then stating something like "the auto pilot was not engaged". In many cases it was, less than a second before the crash, though. They has now started asking if it was engaged so many seconds before a crash (e.g. 10 seconds, but cannot find the exact time).


GarbageTheClown t1_j97l6q1 wrote

You have a source for that? For as long as I remember they count anything within the last 5 seconds, it's on their website.