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JohnPlayerSpecia1 t1_j95i94u wrote

not to worry, Tesla black boxes will always "turn off" autopilot just seconds before any crash to shift blame away from Tesla.


ryan_m t1_j95urf9 wrote

They absolutely do not and this gets repeated constantly. Tesla counts any crash that happens within 60 seconds of AP/FSD disengaging, which is longer than the NHTSA requires.


code-sloth t1_j95z1ur wrote

It gets repeated constantly because it's true.

> Tesla's vehicles have been found to shut off the advanced driver-assistance system, Autopilot, around one second before impact, according to the regulators.


ryan_m t1_j95zsyt wrote

Read the claim I responded to fully and then read what you posted. The first half is true that it turns off, but the core of the claim (that it is done to shift blame away) is entirely bullshit, because the cutoff for reporting is 30 seconds, and Tesla counts a minute before.

It makes sense that autopilot will shut off before a crash if you think about it for more than a couple of seconds. What behavior do you want a system like that to have when it encounters a situation it can’t handle? It should alert the driver and disengage. If you’re being a responsible driver, you should be paying attention the entire time anyways and ready to take control to specifically avoid things like this.

The anti-Musk circlejerk has gotten so insane at this point that people are no longer thinking about what they’re saying.