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razorirr t1_j95yrg5 wrote

Tesla great! They crash 10x less into firetrucks than all cars when figured for crashes per car. They just make the news cause dumbasses click then bitch


TheLaGrangianMethod t1_j95zcce wrote

Does this account for the autopilot variable? Which is kind of what this whole thing is about? Tesla autopilot not seeing the first responders?


razorirr t1_j964ohq wrote

This report does. Manufacturers are required as of july 1 to have the cars monitor when the systems were on / off. If the car crashed with it either on, or on in the prior 30 seconds to the crash to report it.

From July 1 2021 - May 15 2022. Only 2 crashes total were into first responder vehicles. It does not specify which brand had it happen. but even if it was tesla for both, its probably inevitable. Tesla reports about 1 billion miles a year where the car is driving, Ford reported 16 million in a press release.

If we find that 1 crash in 500 million miles is the average, Fords 16 million miles is only 3.2% of that miles driven. Its not that ford never crashes, its that they have not done enough driving to hit the point at which it was statistically probable to have occurred yet.