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Chippopotanuse t1_j96mwhw wrote

Okay…but these are emergency vehicles that are on the side of the road and stopped.

Literally the excerpt from the NHTSA report I pasted says these emergency vehicles were stopped on the side of the road to help folks.

The flashing lights on emergency vehicles confuse the Tesla AI. It’s been a known problem for years. Elon and his fanboys try to gloss over it or play whataboutism games to avoid having to address it in any substance.


razorirr t1_j96xtfb wrote

So, we don't have all the offical numbers for things but we can take a crack at this Lex Fridman, a MIT Research Scientist has sat down with the sales figures and the AP miles driven numbers tesla has occasionally given out, and at the last update he posted, there would have been roughly 1.8 billion miles driven between 4-22-2020 and 1-1-2021. For a full year this is 2.662 billion miles. or 221.9m per month.

NHSTA says over the course of 10 months, there have been two confirmed ADAS related accidents into first responder vehicles.

If you take the 12785 miles per driver 2020 average which they calculated by doing the math against the 2020 FHA report. There are 228m drivers, so this is 243b a month

This report shows that 2500 trucks a year parked as blockers get hit. 250 per month

250 accidents per month / 243000 million miles = .001

.2 accidents a month / 222 million miles = .0009

So if you take all the different reports in context of each other. Non tesla AP hits .001 fire trucks per million miles driven. Tesla AP hits .0009 firetrucks per million miles driven.

Tesla AP is slightly better than all humans + other AP systems. If we replaced everything else with Tesla AP, we would have reduced the accident count by 291.5