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pegothejerk t1_j8u4r83 wrote

If they really had zero tolerance like they claim they'd be forced to forfeit their position in the championship.


Cataphractoi t1_j8wwed0 wrote

They seems to have zero tolerance for Jews.


Bitter_Director1231 t1_j8z7i1p wrote

When the Republicans say elists, it's the dog whistle word for the Jews. They have zero tolerance for them too.


David_ungerer t1_j8yznhv wrote

In the Gospel of Supply-Side Jesus . . . “One must seek for givenness and all is forgiven” . . . Then F@#K ever one else is the path of white christian conservative nationalism ! ! !


edogg01 t1_j8u4t1c wrote

Florida is a shithole state, wouldn't go there if you paid me


code_archeologist t1_j8u53xe wrote

No, no, no. Florida is beautiful... It's just all of the Floridians that fuck it up.


edogg01 t1_j8u5mq4 wrote

Mmyeah. But plenty of other beautiful beaches in the world without all the baggage.


rgumai t1_j8wje2q wrote

Beautiful is a stretch. It's swampy, hot, full of giant insects, and incredibly flat. That said, the Springs, Gulf Coast and Miami Beach have nice water, but then, so does a swimming pool.


Publius82 t1_j8yn6um wrote

As a native floridiot I encourage everyone to spend their tourist dollars elsewhere, and starve these racist fucking yokels.


Bokbreath t1_j8u4o11 wrote

Religion promoting hate ? Who would've thunk


wanderluster325 t1_j8ulcmm wrote

“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme….”


InAFakeBritishAccent t1_j8y1pnw wrote

Next you're going to tell me men and women are constantly arguing and power struggling with each other while also screwing nonstop.


Puzzleworth t1_j8urcr1 wrote

The game was between a Modern Orthodox Jewish school, Scheck Hillel Community School, and a Roman Catholic one, Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School. The Archbishop Coleman Carroll team won the championship and chose to rub their win in Scheck Hillel's athletes' faces...along with kicking one kid's face.

(edit: a word)


DanYHKim t1_j8uwttq wrote

The Catholic school should simply withdraw from the tournament entirely. The time that would normally be spent on games can then be used to educate their students and the parents on basic human decency.

The various priests who oversee these students and families should also strongly educate their entire congregations in their sin, even threatening to turn them over to Satan to be destroyed as is recommended in the Bible for some cases of egregious and unrepentant sin.


Cataphractoi t1_j8wq79y wrote

> The various priests who oversee these students and families should also strongly educate their entire congregations in their sin, even threatening to turn them over to Satan to be destroyed as is recommended in the Bible for some cases of egregious and unrepentant sin.

Where do you think they learned such bigotry from?


DanYHKim t1_j8wsmag wrote

Aah, well

They're all damned.


Cataphractoi t1_j8ww93j wrote

Here's the thing, as a Jew it was extremely unsurprising that it was a Catholic school. Much of the horrifying rhetoric against us over the centuries came from there and it persisted even after the Holocaust.


FenderBender3000 t1_j8yi5r0 wrote

Don’t forget Vatican helped the Nazis escape to S. America by providing fake documents claiming they were Jews. 🤦‍♂️


Kahzgul t1_j8yk2kc wrote

I'm very grateful that the Catholic school I attended (I'm also Jewish) was very open and welcoming to people of all faiths, races, and sexualities. They really taught the students to be good stewards of the world, rather than selfish hatemongers.


Sajun t1_j8uivpa wrote

whooooa no waaaaaaaaaaaaaay a religious private school is a breeding ground for antisemitism, bigotry, and general shitty human behavior?


TheValgus t1_j8u66zg wrote

Raising children in Florida is child abuse.


thoughtsofmadness t1_j8x110j wrote

Hey man, been here my whole life and can't really afford to move. Plus my dad is dying and I want my kids to spend time with him in the few years he has left


sl8rfan2 t1_j8uctn2 wrote

How very "love thy neighbor". Totally What Jesus Would Do.

Hey kinda suck right now.


Your_Trash_Daddy t1_j8uwztu wrote

In america, Christianity has nothing to do with the bible, or what Jesus said, or what Jesus is purported to have done or been like. It's about grifting the masses into paying unbelieving religious "leaders" significant amounts of money, continuously, to avoid some kind of damnation and hellfire, promised by that "leader."

By and large, it's a highly unethical, unspiritual, non-religious, completely capitalistic, borderline criminal (when it's not actually criminal) activity.


Picture-unrelated t1_j8u7esw wrote

I wish we could give Florida back to Spain


rikki-tikki-deadly t1_j8uav82 wrote

"We fought - and won - our freedom from those Mexicans a hundred years ago, don't even think about trying to put us back under their thumb!" - uneducated Florida residents


sherm39 t1_j8uk8v7 wrote

My personal message to any Jewish kid who might see it: You fight this physically, with everything in you, even if you've never fought anyone before. You fight until you can't get up anymore or the other guy has lasting, permanent reason never to do or say this again. Anything less guarantees it will happen again.


mattglenway t1_j8vu6lz wrote

I think Israel uses that strategy in Palestine…. seems like it‘s working?


sherm39 t1_j8wzprc wrote

You seem ignorant beyond the capacity for independent life.


mattglenway t1_j911ya2 wrote

Thanks for the word salad, but I'm not hungry at the moment.


Geneological_Mutt t1_j8uwvn5 wrote

“Florida is where woke goes to die!” -Ron Desantis

Sure do love that culture that ronny boy is brewing up…


[deleted] t1_j8u8342 wrote



ADarwinAward t1_j8vm4am wrote

It’s not like there hasn’t been millennia of Catholic abuse against Jews. The church tends to blame it on adopting pagan traditions but that’s not historically supported. The anti-semitism in the church was started by Christians, it wasn’t adopted from pagan converts.

All this to say there are many people throughout history who were labeled “good Catholics” who were anti-semites. This is nothing new, it’s as old as the church itself.


Your_Trash_Daddy t1_j8uwm00 wrote

Oh, come on. It's not like there hasn't been literally 2000 years of continuous history of every Christian faction hating every other Christian faction. It's just a cult war.

And if you expand that to every Abrahamic religion, oh boy.


thought_first t1_j8ub2zl wrote

The religious right in America are ignorant as fuck. Especially the MAGA types.

The Nazis invaded Italy too yet nowadays the far-right Y'all Qaeda types are full-time simping for Nazism.


windlabyrinth t1_j8v1mun wrote

Not surprised at all. My first encounters with antisemitism were elementary school in South Florida.

1.) A kid told me he was gonna blow up my house for being a Jew.

2.) I got in trouble with a substitute teacher for not saying a prayer for Jesus Christ at the start of class.


Babid922 t1_j8vcx9w wrote

ABC has always been known as a school for dumb kids that want to have a private school experience. They’re known as generally not bright in Miami.


Avidani86 t1_j8xmxfm wrote

I'm not surprised that Catholics are antisemitic. Miami has a growing antisemitic. Seems as though the influx of conservative immigrants is fueling the current trend of antisemitism in Miami.


Loud-Ideal t1_j8ynk9r wrote

Antisemitism is on the rise everywhere, not just Miami.


thoughtsofmadness t1_j8x50v7 wrote

This is exactly the kind of beliefs I would expect from a religious private school in south Florida. Whenever you see Kendall in the news it's never good.


snewz404 t1_j8x0zr4 wrote

It’s not surprising Florida Catholics are literally all white supremacists.


lowdiver OP t1_j8xya3r wrote

That’s really not true but ok

  • Jew born in Florida with a lot of Catholic family

Bicycle-Seat t1_j8ykq3a wrote

Is there any proof of this? What’s the chance it’s made up?


EddyBuddard t1_j8zsoey wrote

The Lord works in mysterious ways.


Cyber_Dan t1_j9334k6 wrote

There’s no hate like Christian love.