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Srslywhyumadbro t1_j9stwo2 wrote

He literally told them he had anxiety and that cops had been shitty to him before and <60 seconds later they murdered him.

His mom is screaming from the driver's seat and they're like "ma'am calm down, calm down, everything is ok, we're just gonna figure this out here" like no dude.

It's not fine.

You just murdered her son for fucking nothing at all then smiled about it.

Fuck the cop that shot him and fuck the girl cop who said she was in fear for her life and fuck the DA and fuck that sergeant who shows up to the scene with a dude literally dying in front of him and doesn't give a shit and lies about "he jumped out of the car."



mces97 t1_ja0spqt wrote

I don't get how peope can remain calm. If that was my son, who had committed no crime and was just murdered, I would not be calm, I would not care what they told me to do or not do. Let em arrest me. Ain't no one gonna convict me after seeing that video.