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Srslywhyumadbro t1_j9se5la wrote

Don't watch the video.

I watched it yesterday morning and it fucked my whole day up.

Fuck these cops and fuck the whole system that protected them.

Double fuck DA Jeff Chostner who said they acted responsibly.

Fuck them for lying about it.

What I learned is any cop, anywhere in America, any day of the week, could just decide to murder us and we are supposed to sit there and let them murder us.

We are supposed to let these fucking moronic, power tripping gang members murder us and we can do fuckall about it.

They could murder me, my wife, my daughter, everyone I love, anytime they want and there's no repercussions.

Fuck em.


MalcolmLinair t1_j9slkig wrote

Don't forget the part where they go after your surviving family, either to keep them quiet or just for the hell of it.


Axon115 t1_j9ti7jq wrote

Spot on cus they impounded the mother’s vehicle and took both her and her boyfriend’s phones. At that point, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they got tied up and executed somewhere in the countryside with how hard these pigs wanted to hide everything.


Nerevar1924 t1_j9tmyk7 wrote

Don't give them any ideas.

As public review of police has grown, we have not seen any movement towards organizational improvement by police departments. What we rather see is blatant resistance towards even the shadow of the idea that police should be better than what they are.

But what strikes me more is how oblivious they are to the tools of their own downfall. They don't seem to care, in general terms, about what footage of their crimes means to the public. Sure, we see individual police turning off bodycams or DAS suppressing the release of footage, but there's a frankly astonishing amount of instances where the footage is recorded and released with the expectation that the public will be fine with it.

And that's because police in this country have operated without oversight or consequences for so long that they have this mindset that no harm will ever come to them. And, for most of history, they have been correct. That mindset is deeply ingrained into the training every cop gets. They are above the law. So they are careless.

What happens when they finally adapt? When they, as a whole, realize that the court of public opinion is not a battle they can win? Will they change their ways then, to operate WITH the people as opposed to AGAINST them?

I doubt it.


mces97 t1_ja0s8z2 wrote

They arrested the mother I heard.


jetbag513 t1_j9ulj7a wrote

Well that worthless fuck was just given a Purple Heart. Yup. I guess the cops really ARE the military now.

(Woerther, I think the fuckclown's name is)


Srslywhyumadbro t1_j9updnt wrote

Straight up how fucked up do you have to be to accept a purple heart for injuring yourself in a senseless, murderous struggle against a defenseless person that you just yanked out of the car?



jetbag513 t1_j9uqrf4 wrote

He also got a Medal of Valor (what the actual fuck, Pueblo) in 2018, I think, for shooting someone 10 times and killing them. Someone posted a little bit ago in this sub. Sickening.


lukethe OP t1_j9s91z5 wrote

>Ward "cooperatively and politely" answered questions for several minutes and told McWhorter he had "mistaken" another vehicle for his mother’s SUV, the complaint said. When McWhorter asked for Ward's identification, Ward began to search through his pockets and pulled out a couple of lighters.
>McWhorter asked if Ward had any weapons, and Ward said he didn’t think so but that he might have a pocketknife, the bodycam video shows. McWhorter told Ward not to pull the pocketknife out if he did have it. Ward did not have a pocketknife on him, the complaint said.
>Ward located a "prescribed anti-anxiety tablet" in his pocket and put it in his mouth, the complaint said. McWhorter "aggressively demanded" to know what Ward had placed in his mouth and "suddenly grabbed" Ward and dragged him from the SUV, the complaint said.
>McWhorter and Gonzales threw Ward "violently to the ground, recklessly and deliberately initiating a wholly unnecessary and purposeless physical use of force against and struggle," the complaint said.
>"It was a pill. It was a pill. Let me go," Ward can be heard saying in the bodycam video, which becomes blurred as the bodycam falls to the ground. "Stop resisting, bro," McWhorter can be heard saying. Gonzales's bodycam video appears to show both officers wrestling with Ward on the ground.
>Ward did not "meaningfully" resist and offered a "paltry attempt at self-defense" as he was "trapped in the grips of two armed police officers," the complaint said. McWhorter did not issue any warning to Ward that he would use deadly force, the complaint said.
>"Within only a few seconds of pulling Richard – who was unarmed – from the car onto the ground underneath the hands-on force being applied by both deputies, Deputy McWhorter shot Richard three times with his service firearm, point blank, in the chest," the complaint said.
>Ward's mother and her boyfriend can be heard screaming after the shooting. "What happened?" Ward's mother shouts. "Oh my god, no, no." She later asks: "Can you guys do CPR?"
>Ward "survived for some time" after McWhorter shot him, "writhing in pain and shock," but neither deputy provided first aid or took a pulse, the complaint said.
>"Instead, they stood and watched him bleed out as middle school students strolled by a few feet away," according to a statement from the family's attorneys.
>Emergency medical personnel arrived and attempted to render aid to Ward nearly three minutes after the shooting, the complaint said. Ward was pronounced dead at the scene.
>The officers then falsely arrested Ward's mother and her boyfriend, seized their property and interrogated them, the complaint said.
>Three days after the incident, Gonzalez told investigators Ward was "putting up a fight," "not complying with verbal orders" and grabbed at McWhorter’s gun belt, according to the district attorney’s office. She said she thought Ward was going to hurt her or McWhorter.
>McWhorter, who was interviewed more than a week after the incident, told investigators Ward had reached into his jacket "as if he was carrying a weapon." He said he pulled Ward out of the car "to handcuff him and to check for weapons." In the struggle, he said he felt Ward "messing with his gun side" and was afraid Ward would get his gun, knock him out or paralyze him.
>Both deputies told investigators they did not render aid after the shooting because they believed the people in the car posed a threat, according to the district attorney’s office.



17times2 t1_j9uaf0y wrote

> He said he pulled Ward out of the car "to handcuff him and to check for weapons." In the struggle, he said he felt Ward "messing with his gun side" and was afraid Ward would get his gun, knock him out or paralyze him.

Sounds like the solution is to take guns away from police if they need to kill anyone they're wrestling because they "mess with their gun side". Like he's going to unholster your weapon and execute all of them while prone and being assaulted.

E: Honestly, I glazed over the PARALYZED HIM part. To cops, every citizen is John Wick capable of disarming you at a moment's notice, or severing your spinal column with a mere flick of the wrist.


blakamus t1_j9siocz wrote

What fucking incompetent cowards. They shot at an unarmed dude who was complying with their demands over a mistake getting into the wrong car and now a middle school kid gets picked up by his mom to find out some fucking pussy piece of shit cops executed his older brother.

Fuck those guys. They get payed tax dollars to protect the guy they murdered, they should have training how to respond to a simple fucking situation without killing someone. If a firefighter comes to your house and burns it down on duty after you called them to pull your cat out of a tree, that's arson and they should face the consequences proportionate with the crime they committed.


Srslywhyumadbro t1_j9stwo2 wrote

He literally told them he had anxiety and that cops had been shitty to him before and <60 seconds later they murdered him.

His mom is screaming from the driver's seat and they're like "ma'am calm down, calm down, everything is ok, we're just gonna figure this out here" like no dude.

It's not fine.

You just murdered her son for fucking nothing at all then smiled about it.

Fuck the cop that shot him and fuck the girl cop who said she was in fear for her life and fuck the DA and fuck that sergeant who shows up to the scene with a dude literally dying in front of him and doesn't give a shit and lies about "he jumped out of the car."



mces97 t1_ja0spqt wrote

I don't get how peope can remain calm. If that was my son, who had committed no crime and was just murdered, I would not be calm, I would not care what they told me to do or not do. Let em arrest me. Ain't no one gonna convict me after seeing that video.


daygloman t1_j9svi7p wrote

The MOST corrupt profession of Felons in the country. PIGS become LEO'S so the can MURDER people and face no consequences. MANY LEO's are also serial murderers! If those same PIGS didn't wear costumes, they'd be in Prison for LIFE under the SAME EXACT CIRCUMSTANCES! Absolutely no honor in that criminal profession!


WindTechnical7431 t1_j9tdycs wrote

It makes me think about how many times this could have happened, and there was no camera.


thunderclone1 t1_ja2l5a0 wrote

According to other comments here he got a medal for shooting someone before


ms_panelopi t1_j9vkgfx wrote

Did ya’ll know this cop just got awarded a Purple Heart for this very incident?


mces97 t1_ja0twp2 wrote

I wish the feds would get involved. A man who committed no crime was murdered. If a man commits no crime, and is thrown to the ground by police, why isn't the man allowed to defend himself?


thunderclone1 t1_ja2l7g4 wrote

Deprivation of rights under color of law is a federal crime that can carry the death penalty.

Too bad the feds are too timid to charge criminals with crimes unless it involves shooting families over missed court dates or burning children alive

Edit: those were references to ruby ridge and the waco siege


NailFin t1_j9x0k1p wrote

Within two minutes a man was murdered in front of a middle school. TWO MINUTES.


SnooMemesjellies7469 t1_j9xyd8o wrote

And the cop got an award (purple heart) for this.

The police do not deserve respect.