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DylonNotNylon t1_j9gj311 wrote

I honestly don't understand any bigotry, but I really don't understand it when I see it happening in someplace like NYC. It just seems like if you didn't like diversity it's not a place you'd want to live or visit.


mdonaberger t1_j9gzim9 wrote

I've noticed that, for a lot of Americans who haven't visited, the scale of NYC can be really deceptive. It's huge. Huge huge. The longest distance you can travel end to end is 35 miles, all the same city. And it's dense as fuck.

It's big enough with its metro area for pretty much every kind of person to find a community there, hard right people included. Trump still received 691,682 votes in 2020 in NYC. Even the most obscure can find their own there, in niches big and small.

NYC has its own history with white supremacy as well — the old guard holds fast in many places.


XLauncher t1_j9hh1jc wrote

Man, just say Staten Island. (I'm kidding. But only a little bit.)


BunchaCreeps t1_j9ievtf wrote

No no. Let’s just say it with our chest

It’s Staten Island. It’s always been Staten Island


Ben_Jahmin t1_j9l6kdt wrote

Staten Island, South Williamsburg where all the Hesidic jews who can't read are told to vote Trump, swaths of Italian bastions in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and a few parts deep in Queens.

+ a lot of the financial district in Manhattan, Tribeca, and the rich areas in Upper East and West.

These are where people voted Trump.


ScientificSkepticism t1_j9i8n54 wrote

Staten Island is a garbage dump. Once they closed the dump, it became full of trash.


Rage_Like_Nic_Cage t1_j9hbmvm wrote

> NYC has its own history with white supremacy as well

We’re all familiar with the NYPD, yes.


leg_day t1_j9h6u34 wrote

> NYC has its own history with white supremacy as well

Robert Moses has entered the chat.


Ayzmo t1_j9jsszy wrote

Fred Trump has entered the chat.


skilledwarman t1_j9hpx2s wrote

> Trump still received 691,682 votes in 2020 in NYC.

For anyone wondering how that stacks up to the city's population NYC had 8.77 million people in 2020 (city, not metro area). I also believe those trump votes are just NYC itself and not metro area. I tried to find comperable numbers for Biden but could only find metro area.

Within the metro area the breakdown was:

-5.244 mil votes for Biden (Democrat and working families party tickets)

-3.251 mil votes for Trump (Republican and conservative party tickets)

-18.804 million people in the NYC metro area in 2020

Just to be clear that's not to argue or dispute anything the above comment was saying. That comment just made me curious about how the numbers lined up and so I thought maybe other people wanted to see that too


boregon t1_j9i2g3u wrote

Bet a lot of those Trump votes were from Long Island


skilledwarman t1_j9i2kkh wrote

Probably alot from suffolk


TechyDad t1_j9ieypo wrote

As someone who grew up in Suffolk county and whose parents still live there? Definitely.

I'm glad I don't live there anymore.


hirsutesuit t1_j9jvbvy wrote

Well the New York Metropolitan area (what all looks like the same city from a plane) has more people than:




North Dakota

South Dakota


Rhode Island



New Hampshire


West Virginia



and New Mexico

...combined. It's gonna take up some space.


Antnee83 t1_j9ji9f6 wrote

> I've noticed that, for a lot of Americans who haven't visited, the scale of NYC can be really deceptive. It's huge. Huge huge.

The very first thing I noticed as my plane was landing in LaGuardia the first time was the absolutely ridiculous scale of the city. It seriously looks like it stretches to the horizon.

It's unfathomable to me that as a species we're able to build and manage something of that size.


mdonaberger t1_j9lw2xo wrote

Oh and NYC isn't even the impressive one — México City makes New York look like a village.


Sea-Acanthisitta-316 t1_j9gzao8 wrote

Even in the most liberal of cities you still have about 33% of people voting conservative. They are just drowned out more in NYC, but from a sheer population perspective, if even 10% of the population is homophobic, that's over a million people, more than most US cities. Being part of the community, I'll never fool myself into thinking that I'm truly safe from a hate crime just because I live in NYC


happy_halloweenie t1_j9h9e5h wrote

I live in the most liberal neighborhood in my liberal city and my next door neighbor had a big trump flag in his window


sloppyredditor t1_j9gk5nt wrote

I’ve always found New Yorkers silly. Why live in one of the most expensive, diverse, and densely populated cities in the world if you don’t like people?


JPBillingsgate t1_j9gmw4u wrote

Reminds me of a joke from Crocodile Dundee:

"That's incredible. Imagine seven million people all wanting to live together. Yeah, New York must be the friendliest place on earth."


SatanicNotMessianic t1_j9ifagk wrote

The funny thing about a city like New York is that you actually have more privacy walking down a street with a half million other people than you have in a rural town.

No one in New York cares about you even enough to notice you. They walk past Naked Singing Cowboy without a sideward glance.


secretactorian t1_j9hksjy wrote

They probably find you silly too.


sloppyredditor t1_j9hzugs wrote

Yeah but I don’t have to bump into them all the time


secretactorian t1_j9i74lb wrote

Neither does anyone who looks where they're walking. What's your point?


sloppyredditor t1_j9i7fq8 wrote

Fewer people outside NYC. If you don’t like constant crowds don’t pay a premium to live in them.

Is that clear enough or does Reddit need a Crayola font for you


guiltyofnothing t1_j9hcnra wrote

NYC is very diverse as a whole but many communities are very homogenous, including the many conservative areas in a very liberal city.

Also — these jackoffs could be from Jersey.


DJCzerny t1_j9hhqot wrote

Northern Jersey is basically an extension of the NY metro area anyway.


Heiferoni t1_j9jbofi wrote

Being a bigot in NYC must be exhausting.


[deleted] t1_j9irr5u wrote

Simple message: “you’re not safe anywhere.” Terrorism 101.


FerociousPancake t1_j9io4fo wrote

Those people always say how other people shove their views in their face and they don’t like that, then the same people publicly burn a flag…


DaveDurant t1_j9gg1nz wrote

I wonder if she balanced the consequences of setting an active restaurant on fire against her hate of the strangers inside..


pegothejerk t1_j9glacl wrote

If she actually weighed in favor of potentially murdering innocent people in hopes of making some stand with arson at minimum, she belongs in prison or a mental facility for a very long time. If she didn’t, she still should see consequences so severe she considers her actions from hence forth before she acts on her emotions.


Co1dNight t1_j9h2n3p wrote

> If she actually weighed in favor of potentially murdering innocent people

It wouldn't surprise me if she clapped with glee with the thought of the fire potentially killing people, especially if they're gay. Those people are unhinged.


critically_damped t1_j9i42zg wrote

Sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice. And the malice was already clearly on display, so there is zero need to give any consideration to this murderous fascist.


Metal-Dog t1_j9gg3rx wrote

Watch her try to argue that arson is Free Speech.


_synik t1_j9ggr0d wrote

Burning a flag on the ground is free speech. Lighting one afire on a building is a crime.


InSanic13 t1_j9givq7 wrote

Also destruction of someone else's property. Gotta buy your own flag to burn.


A_Flamboyant_Warlock t1_j9kq2l4 wrote

Can confirm - Burn all the flags you want, just know that each one gives the people you hate 10$.


MausBomb t1_j9hmo6w wrote

This is something the negative activists across the political spectrum need to understand

If you set fire to your own car, film it and post it to YouTube to protest climate change you are perfectly within your rights.

Setting fire to other people's cars is going to get you arrested and rightfully so.

If she bought her own flag, set fire to it, and posted it on YouTube she would be perfectly within her rights and the government couldn't do anything about it.

However setting fire to someone else's flag that is attached to a building is arson and potentially attempted murder.


[deleted] t1_j9gpwed wrote



Megaloman71 t1_j9gtj2m wrote

"Hate crime" is an enhancement on top of a regular crime that's triggered when an entire class of people are targeted instead of exclusively an individual.


Luciusvenator t1_j9gyg89 wrote

Or when an individual is targeted because of their belonging to a protected class of course.


axonxorz t1_j9gr7xj wrote

The only one where it could (not "is") be a hate crime, is the case where it's...a crime.


TheeDogma t1_j9ghqb4 wrote

I’m sure it’ll sound something like this, I do not have a problem with gay people but just have a problem with the woke agenda the left pushes down our throat. I definitely love gay people tho I just don’t like the woke left who has now made me a criminal for displaying my Freedom of speech I regret nothing as I stand by my beliefs.

*** Tucker Carlson interns scramble to get her a 30 minute spot on tonight’s show***


critically_damped t1_j9i49mu wrote

Watch the fucking supreme court release an unprompted opinion tomorrow saying the same, so long as the arsonist is deliberately trying to hurt gay or trans people. Or anyone who is "woke".


[deleted] t1_j9gi6j9 wrote



mtgspender t1_j9gz5pe wrote

all rioters, regardless of what issue started the riot are criminals who said otherwise? also i dont see anyone rioting in the second picture? what exactly are you trying to push here?


[deleted] t1_j9h4esj wrote



mtgspender t1_j9h8oi5 wrote

sounds like portland is in some trouble. they should prosecute rioters although if all they did was burn a flag, maybe not so much.


dnph t1_j9glden wrote

The video of setting it on fire is posted to r/therewasanattempt

The title was ‘there was an attempt to remain anonymous while committing arson.’ Or something to that affect.

Edit: fixed sub.


edingerc t1_j9gkybq wrote

Congrats on letting your anger overflow to a serious prison sentence. I give it two days before the Cops take her in.


SketchiiChemist t1_j9htevi wrote

For real, with it being NYC shouldn't there be cameras all over the place they can ask for footage from?


edingerc t1_j9htxdy wrote

They have video of her spray painting the X on the sign and a CCT screenshot of her face.


WaterChi t1_j9gg6zd wrote

Fourth story about right wing violence I've seen today


Clouds2589 t1_j9h3a3z wrote

Dude imagine being afraid of what other people choose to do with their junk. So afraid that you do shit like this. Unfuckingreal.


HardlyDecent t1_j9gjed2 wrote

Huh, I'm sure it's happened, but I don't see many stories of people burning those "Let's Go Brandon" flags...or y'know, the arson of populated buildings.


hurdurBoop t1_j9gvdm9 wrote

princess is about to learn some life lessons.


sweetpeapickle t1_j9goo5z wrote

Nice clear pic of her-good!


Griffstergnu t1_j9hudod wrote

The license plate of the car will be visible on any number of recording devices in the city. They will catch her and the driver of the car.


Sekhen t1_j9gftjo wrote

I'm amazed they can find time and energy for this. Their hate must be white hot.


greynolds17 t1_j9gjaux wrote

wonder what their opinion on burning the American flag is


xc2215x t1_j9gjnm5 wrote

Sad to see this type of hate.


WiredPiano t1_j9hdljt wrote

The suspect has all the makings of a Staten Islander. Probably the wife or mistress of a cop.


Pseudonymico t1_j9isu0r wrote

Remember when people just had some concerns about trans women playing sports?


acuet t1_j9hd5oj wrote

Make her famous for all the Rainbow Pride goodness.


edgeplayer t1_j9ix6ub wrote

Pride flag outside NYC restaurant set on fire


wabashcanonball t1_j9hvxtp wrote

Is that you Aunt Agnes? I thought you lived in Wisconsisippi.


Vic_O22 t1_j9go9cj wrote

I hope the evil person will face some serious legal consequences and won't be allowed scot-free easily.

One can only hope that maybe someday in the future it will become mandatory for all hateful/abusive people to either attend professional therapy or face some serious legal consequences if they refuse...


Olliekitty t1_j9gk5ws wrote

Throw out the entire human. Entirely useless piece of filth.


thegoodnamesrgone123 t1_j9hiaio wrote

I keep saying this but Pride parades this year are going to become a soft target for these assholes.


IsThisKismet t1_j9ill3p wrote

Offenders are going to find out just how un-soft homosexuals can really be when push comes to shove. First, we’ll send out our Valkyries on Bykes. Then the Femboys. And if there are any left standing, we send in our most dangerous weapon of all: Bisexuals who are tired of bierasure!


thegoodnamesrgone123 t1_j9ims2n wrote

I coach a roller derby team so yeah I wouldn't want to fuck with any of them. Also as someone who is married to someone who just came out as bi, bi erasure is very real. She's 0-2 on telling people.


IsThisKismet t1_j9inso2 wrote

I am slightly guilty of bi-erasure. I am technically bisexual and not gay. But I feel like I favor one gender far more strongly than the other that if I say that, it would just hurt people.


Hascus t1_j9hxbdw wrote

Is this really national news? There’s always assholes doing dumb shit