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pegothejerk t1_ja9ddh1 wrote

> In total, prosecutors believe that Mr Rumson spent only about 15 minutes in the Capitol before leaving. Outside, however, footage shows that he encouraged other rioters to "get a ram" to breach another entry point. The affidavit notes that he later assaulted at least one police officer by "running through the crowd towards the officer, reaching out grabbing the officer's face shield, which forced the officer's head and neck backwards and upwards".

That’s decidedly not very panda-like, for shame.


AccomplishedDrag9882 t1_ja9ev0p wrote

kungfu panda maybe


kslusherplantman t1_ja9jc9q wrote

Let’s not forget sexual harassment panda


mces97 t1_ja9pa8k wrote

Oh you suck. I just wrote that then saw your comment.

I'm a bad Panda.


JonasNG t1_jaaqin3 wrote

Oh my God, Panda bear is driving this insurrection, how can this be?


Itchy-Top t1_jaaq9m6 wrote

I love how the “blue lives matter” crowd hates cops


zuzg t1_ja9kpgx wrote

Ever seen footage of people getting into a panda enclosure? They're not pacifist at all, haha


mces97 t1_ja9pew8 wrote

I mean, bear should be a warning not to do that.


CrashB111 t1_jad79jc wrote

Colbert has warned us for years, bears are universally godless killing machines.


LeicaM6guy t1_jaadelm wrote

Pandas are fucking vicious, sometimes. Thankfully their mating instincts are pretty much flatlined, so I guess that threat was off the board.