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axonxorz t1_j9gl4zl wrote

> Anyone who worked in and cared about customer service would have seen the downfall of it immediately.

Therein lies the problem. In my experience, purveyors of these metrics programs are massively removed from the actual work and have such a weird abstract notion of it that they can't put themselves in both their employee's and customer's shoes to see that everyone hates this but you.

You talk about different tasks having wildly different scope. At the C-Suite level, every task your org performs is a cog or a widget or an itemized process, and the inability to discard that mindset leads to this BS.


Xanthelei t1_j9gllfc wrote

It's one of those things where if I was allowed to pass one law that had to be followed for the rest of eternity, it would be that anyone who is going to be making a decision that impacts a job HAS to have worked that job for at least one month solid, at standard wage, in the 6 months prior to the point they're making that decision. Or maybe I'd just force it to where if employees doing the job affected get a 60-70% majority that say it's stupid and shouldn't be implemented its vetoed forever. The first one makes me smile at the thought of a CEO having to cycle through peon level jobs for a full month, but the second one is way simpler.