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OOOOO0000OOO00O t1_jaf4ho9 wrote

The biggest surprise is that the TSA actually noticed someone with a gun


Fuzzyphilosopher t1_jaeqags wrote

Besides f- this guy I'd like to add one to all the people who claim they forgot. Most are probably lying but either way they all deserve some time in jail and a permanent ban on firearm ownership.

>Last year, the Transportation Security Administration seized a record 6,542 guns at airports around the country. Most people who are stopped for having a gun at an airport checkpoint say they forgot they had the weapon with them.


MaybeADumbass t1_jaewztv wrote

I'm a gun owner and second amendment supporter, and I strongly believe that if you lose track of one or more of your guns, that is very clear evidence that you are unfit to possess any of them.


Gekokapowco t1_jaf25ds wrote

that's what I keep telling people, I don't want to completely stop gun ownership, I just don't want people incapable of being safe with them to own them until they can prove their competence.

But the 2A supporters see these as the same statement, which is probably telling tbh


Bigred2989- t1_jaf2fpa wrote

I know a person who bought their first handgun, a revolver, and ended up putting a hole in their bathroom wall because they didn't read the manual before loading it and cocked the hammer back and wondered why they couldn't unlatch the cylinder anymore. They had a Florida carry permit for almost a decade, and since the state's renewal policy is just a fee, photo and paperwork, it was obvious that it had been a long time since they'd ever had any training.


[deleted] t1_jaer4zk wrote



Artikay t1_jaevzo0 wrote

Thats a pretty common mistake. Just the other day I went to the supermarket and when I went to put my bags in the trunk I had conpletely forgotten about my landmines. That was a shock.


Squirrel_Master82 t1_jaf2yq4 wrote

That's pretty understandable though. When it comes to unstable Green Berets, C4 is like Frank's Red Hot.


ITwerkForALiving t1_jaesh4o wrote

I don't think anyone forgets they are carrying 2 pistols and a rifle.


CakeAccomplice12 t1_jaet6ax wrote

TBF, a lawyer recently died because he forgot he had a pistol and walked into a room with an MRI


Q_OANN t1_jaezx7x wrote

Tongue in cheek with “forgot”?

It was his gun, a loaded clip, and 30 rounds. Pretty sure you don’t forget you have that on you, especially when you do the normal pat down after removing stuff to enter


BozoidBob t1_jaey52n wrote

Hmmm. Apparently not on the No Fly List despite ample and legitimate public safety concerns. Do we have to have a massacre on an aircraft in flight before our leaders take a rational approach to gun regulations?


Matt3989 t1_jaf0gl0 wrote

These were in checked bags. So they'd be pretty tough to get to mid- flight.


BozoidBob t1_jaf0m5u wrote

Had a machine gun in his carry on


Matt3989 t1_jaf18so wrote

No he didn't.

>Agents screening checked bags found ammunition and a ballistic vest emblazoned with “Deputy Marshal” in one of Clouden’s bags, according to the affidavit. They retrieved more of his luggage from the plane and found an AR-15 rifle that “meets the definition of a machine gun,” another rifle, a handgun, a taser, a spring-loaded knife, an expandable baton, a “United States Marshal” badge and U.S. marshal credentials with Clouden’s name and photo, according to FBI agent Christopher Granato.

They retrieved the bags from the plane, but stopped him as he tried to board. How exactly would his carry-on get onto the plane before he boarded?


BozoidBob t1_jaf1wfo wrote

I think you’re correct. I misread it.


RatKing_Spaghetti t1_jaf14ps wrote

Yet one guy tries to ignite spicy nikes on a plane and were still here 20 years later taking our shoes off 😤


Bottom_Wobbles t1_jaepk9l wrote

And he’ll receive a slap on the wrist for it to.


Matt3989 t1_jaf0t8n wrote

He's not only a prohibited person, but one of the guns was an unregistered machine gun. He's going away for a long time in a Federal prison where early release isn't on the table until you've completed 80% of your sentence.


MarkHathaway1 t1_jaf471f wrote

30 years later

Defense lawyer: Did you realize you still have my client in prison?

Judge: Oh, I forgot I had packed it there. My bad.


Gozillasbday t1_jaezuu6 wrote

Well of course not we can't have any sort of reasonable gun control laws here in the US. Even if it was forgetfulness, oopsie I forgot where my killing devices were isn't good. If you misplace your guns you can't own guns should really be a law.

Edit- "Clouden was convicted in 2016 in New Jersey of unlawful possession of a weapon, according to Granato."

And of course he still had guns after this.


Tawmcruize t1_jaf3b2f wrote

Dude had a unregistered machine gun, it's about the only thing the atf will probably convict him on. Despite not even being able to own modern firearms legally.


Gozillasbday t1_jaf3uf6 wrote

Per the article - Last year, the Transportation Security Administration seized a record 6,542 guns at airports around the country. Most people who are stopped for having a gun at an airport checkpoint say they forgot they had the weapon with them."

These people's guns should all be permanently confiscated including anything they have elsewhere.