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Mississimia t1_ja01wna wrote

People might kind of make fun of this, but the only earthquakes I've experienced in California were around this magnitude, and its scary as hell when you wake up and your bed is shaking.


MitsyEyedMourning t1_ja03td9 wrote

I live in MD and when you live in an area not known for tremors they will really freak you out. In California a small shake is nothing but tomorrow's hottest new dance routine, in MD it might as well be the sky falling.


NettingStick t1_ja1zgkl wrote

I've known a bunch of people from the PNW and California who move to the southeast and freak out at thunderstorms. Like, there's not even a tornado watch. This is just spicy sky.

Just depends on what you're used to.


wyvernx02 t1_ja46ewy wrote

West coast people freak out over a severe thunderstorm.

Midwesterners and Southerners go outside when the tornado siren goes off to try and see it.


peepjynx t1_ja15rqs wrote

It's fine. We're currently experiencing a blizzard and I'd imagine people in MD could handle that much better than us.


strik3r2k8 t1_ja0sx4x wrote

It’s not even a 4 pointer, go back to sleep.


truecore t1_ja1enza wrote

Most people reading this won't realize that the magnitude system is literally orders of magnitudes in power. So a 4.0 is 10x as strong as a 3.0. A 3.8 is weak as fuck. But when you live in brick houses I guess it could still be dangerous.


DorisCrockford t1_ja55rf9 wrote

You got that right. Brick houses are definitely not what you want to be in during an earthquake. You don't even want to be sleeping in the living room next to a brick chimney.


yagmot t1_ja2ffz0 wrote

The Richter scale is a shitty way to judge what people actually experience. The key factor is the depth, which I rarely see reported in the news. You can have a relatively low magnitude quake near the surface that causes a lot of shaking or a high magnitude quake quite deep that doesn’t. This one was VERY shallow (1.8mi deep) which explains why such a low magnitude quake felt so strong to those folks.

Here in Japan we use the Shindo scale which measures intensity at the surface. I really wish the rest of the world would adopt it because it makes it very simple for people to comprehend just how bad a quake was in a particular area.

To put things in perspective, we experience M3+ quakes on a very frequent basis without feeling anything at the surface.


PhoenixReborn t1_ja56f6h wrote

The USGS tracker usually has a Modified Mercalli intensity map when there's enough data.


GrannysPartyMerkin t1_ja1r5rp wrote

I’ve lived here 33 years. I think they’re fun, the rock back and forth is cool. Worst thing that’s ever happened to me from an earthquake was that I got out of work early once.


Mississimia t1_ja2dsg1 wrote

I only lived there for 5 years, it was always super disconcerting. But you're lucky that nothing bad happened in 33 years! I know people who were not so lucky in 94.


Zidane62 t1_ja24pgj wrote

Here in Japan, we’re pretty used to it. It’s crazy at first. Everything is shaking around you and everyone is just going about their day.

Now I’ll be sitting here gaming and ignoring my shelves swaying back and forth a bit.


ajaxandsofi t1_ja4l5ef wrote

The sound of the world around you shaking adds a new dimension of terror as well. Then when things fall around you, if you're awake before they do, reality of the situation hits and you are suddenly alert and clear. Whether or not you're terrified is up to you.


DorisCrockford t1_ja5609t wrote

I never thought much of them until 1989. That one got my attention.


Idolmistress t1_j9zzht2 wrote

I didn’t realize the UK got earthquakes. Must have been scary for those who experienced it.


Not_invented-Here t1_ja15y5x wrote

There was one about ten years or so ago that was around 4 - 4.5 I think, it happened in the middle of the night and I found myself on my feet as what felt like the whole world shook for a brief while, and then I went back to sleep when it stopped. I thought tbh it was a very strange lucid dream I had had in the morning until I saw the news, because there was just no frame of reference for my brain to really process it, especially from sleep in the dead of night.

In the daytime I maybe would have guessed but it would have been more scary also because of it.

Using that as a frame of reference I genuinely think that the big quakes some countries get must be just unbelievably scary. The idea the mass of the earth can just shiver, is something you can think of intellectualy but not actually viscerally understand until it happens to you.


DootingDooterson t1_ja1zlf7 wrote

>There was one about ten years or so ago that was around 4 - 4.5 I think, it happened in the middle of the night

I was playing WoW when this happened at like 1 am or something and I thought my dog was scratching himself under my desk and making it wobble, I told him to stop before I looked, saw he wasn't there, and realised it was my first (and so far only) earthquake.


BadgerSituation t1_ja1zqwb wrote

They also get tornadoes.

In fact, England gets more tornadoes per square mile/km than any other country in the world.

But they're pissy little things that rarely do much damage.


vanquisher1985 OP t1_j9zxe5b wrote

We rarely get these in the UK, the earth is pissed!


muppethero80 t1_ja2ieuv wrote

The earth is just doing it’s thing subductioning along, minding its own


dekachenko t1_ja1sgq0 wrote

Hey fellow Californians, can we not embarrass ourselves? A natural disaster is scary at any magnitude if its not expected or rare (and worse-not built for) in the area. We freak out and crash into each other at any sign of weather here.


rubyblue0 t1_ja0kuep wrote

I’d be pretty freaked out too after seeing the destruction in Turkey and Syria. Especially since I’ve never really felt an earthquake.


ACosmicGumbo t1_ja09wea wrote

Not trying to downplay it or anything, but myself and most people in California literally don't feel 3s, let alone having it shake your bed. Maybe if you near the epicenter.


kaisertralfaz t1_ja0aynm wrote

The two ~4s that I can remember getting near Philly just felt like an 18 wheeler going by.


bloodmonarch t1_ja27tq2 wrote

Not distance. It typically depends on how "soft" the grounds are.

Cities build on solid rock foundation don't shake as much compared to those on looser soils.


5spd4wd t1_ja1vlgo wrote

No, we don't. The Sylmar CA quake of 6.5 is the my point of reference.


OceanCityBurrito t1_ja0g9bk wrote

yeah, anything less than 5 I don't even open my eyes for. Just a mild rumble.


crkokinda t1_ja07cus wrote

As opposed to only part of the bed?


542Archiya124 t1_ja0x99u wrote

Is it just me or UK is getting more and more earthquake lately? Or maybe I haven’t been quite aware and that there’s always been this much earthquake in UK?


l0R3-R t1_ja1j2wi wrote

Is the earth trying to shake us off?


fookreddit22 t1_ja0upu9 wrote

I took one look at this post and immediately knew it would be filled with Americans. I live in Cardiff and felt it, it lasted approximately 1 second.


EnderB3nder t1_ja1cgpk wrote

Same here, based near Newport.
Thought that someone either fell over or dropped something heavy downstairs. One little shake and it was over.


Darryl_Lict t1_ja1mtw6 wrote

Californian here. 3.7 is kind of indistinguishable from a heavy truck driving up my street.


allinthebananastand t1_ja1nl5s wrote

That’s what it sounds like too! Anytime I’m in one this is exactly what I think it is.


muppethero80 t1_ja2ibjl wrote

I have had bigger farts than a 3.7


Maxpowr9 t1_ja0rwvp wrote

If the bed's a rockin', don't come a knockin'.


shewy92 t1_ja3f4nu wrote

3.7 in an area that doesn't have any earthquake codes for their buildings. I felt the 5.8 2011 east coast earthquake and I lived 180 miles from the epicenter. It was kinda scary. I saw half my kitchen floor raise up because it was flexing I'm guessing. It felt like I was on a boat


getBusyChild t1_ja3n3dy wrote

Meanwhile as someone that lives in Memphis, Tn... we are way overdue for one. Several decades in fact, or if you listen to others well over a century.

But this is all a moot point if somehow the fault has shutdown or w/e (is that even possible?).


DeMalgamnated t1_ja4kptt wrote

i once woke up because there was a massive bang outside but i never found out what it was.

is that what's like to wake up to an earthquake?


DorisCrockford t1_ja56947 wrote

Well, it would be kind of weird if only part of the bed shook. I think that would freak me out a bit.


WarrenMulaney t1_ja0812w wrote

“3.7 you say?”

-lifelong Californian


Spetznazx t1_ja1d3b0 wrote

I was in the 6.5 a mile from the epicenter in the Philippines 5 years ago. 3.7 would be like a gentle nuisance.


WarrenMulaney t1_ja1g29x wrote

“3.7? I guess I’ll readjust the pics hanging on my walls…”


InfernalWedgie t1_ja1cnh7 wrote

I don't wake up for anything under 5 on the Richter scale.


WarrenMulaney t1_ja1gbjz wrote

True. Anything under 5.0 is like a medium sized dog getting on the bed.


5spd4wd t1_ja1v0nk wrote

I don't think I'd even notice a 3.7, having grown up in southern California. I remember being in the 6.5 quake.


5spd4wd t1_ja1vehq wrote

3.7 would feel like a heavy truck passing by.


halborn t1_ja2604m wrote

I don't get up for anything less than 6 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


One_Curious_Cats t1_ja1tcpq wrote

Living in California, unless it's more than a 6.0 it doesn't really bother me.


cote112 t1_ja0wmb8 wrote

Someone needs to get laid more often.


Boredandtiredbroke t1_ja0ga74 wrote

Lol in Cali a 4 might make your monitor shake depending on how your place is built. Outside you feel nothing. Granted most buildings that are built in the 90s I want to say were made up to code.


similar_observation t1_ja0a8rj wrote

Probably the most action that person's had in bed for a long time.


SugarDaddyOh t1_ja0brs1 wrote

A 4.0 can barely wake me up. Been thru so many. 3.7 is like me rolling into bed.


fookreddit22 t1_ja0v3gr wrote

What's it like being a sex tourist?


[deleted] t1_ja0vt72 wrote



fookreddit22 t1_ja0wi64 wrote

How tf would I know, I'm not a paedophile. You are a sex tourist though, you are trying to solicit sex from someone between 30 to 18 years younger than you in a poverty stricken part of the world right? What's that like? Being that person?