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Wild234 t1_j9wtj6a wrote

I'm really starting to think that we need some sort of system to better track classified documents and inform the people in charge when they are not returned on time.

I mean really, shouldn't there be some sort of check out/in system for sensitive information like this? How do so many people just have them sitting in their homes?


Environmental_Day558 t1_j9wvmiv wrote

There really isn't a check in/check out system because under regular circumstances you're not supposed to take it out of the building period. The only rare exception is it you have courier authorization to transport it from one SCIF to another, but I got a feeling this wasn't the case especially since it was on a thumb drive. People just end up walking it out the building and somebody he works with must have tipped him off to the feds.


Brilliant_Dependent t1_j9wvutc wrote

It's not like a library where there's a limited number of copies that are tracked. You can print out classified documents, make photocopies of them, or write notes about them that are then classified. When you're done you either store it or shred it.


Whisky3 t1_j9x4d5j wrote

It needs to start with not going crazy on classifying documents and desensitizing people to it. When I was in a Navy school, we labelled some basic math and physics (High School AP level) as Confidential.


Hot_Egg5840 t1_j9y7ol8 wrote

In the old days, we had that. Then computers came along. There's a reason why Russia is using typewriters.


Cool-Presentation538 t1_j9x7s21 wrote

They should print these kind of documents on paper with a metallic strip through it (I'm thinking like the weird strip on the new $100 bill) Then it will set off metal detectors when people try to take them home