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TheThirdDumpling t1_j8ynyha wrote

Only helicopters to Syria should be the ones dropping aids right now.


ThisIsNotWorkingOut t1_j8ypmrv wrote

I think giving them AIDS might be a bit too much.


Adaptedmonkey t1_j8yscef wrote

They are already dealing with war tuberculosis covid yellow fever we shouldn’t do AIDS drops in Syria as well


Kewkky t1_j8z6j8p wrote

Terbuculous... interesting disease name


usedtodreddit t1_j8yu70g wrote

Hamza al-Homsi's ISIS is responsible for keeping aid groups from getting to victims, among other atrocities.


coldblade2000 t1_j8yx5bt wrote

> should be the ones dropping aids right now

What exactly makes you think ISIS is keen on receiving western aid and delivering it to the rightful destinations?