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SuperstitiousPigeon5 t1_j8y2t08 wrote

5 wounded soldiers, all stable for one dead ISIS leader.

Not a great butchers bill.


TheThirdDumpling t1_j8ynyha wrote

Only helicopters to Syria should be the ones dropping aids right now.


Paulinapeak1 t1_j8z47pd wrote

4 people and a dog injured. All stable, one of them (human) back in action.


powersv2 t1_j8zn0j7 wrote

Hope they retain full use of their limbs and extremities.


UniversalMomentum t1_j918or8 wrote

Man you know.. in this Day and age I would be using anything but helicopters


Fuzzyphilosopher t1_j91ar0a wrote

A commander responsible organizing and planning the deaths of how many hundreds or more? Causing fear and suffering throughout the region.

I'm not minimizing our casualties. I live near an army base that's home to a lot of special operations people. My first thought was a worry for a friend. Or his friends. I've seen what TBI's can do people walking around on an artificial leg when I just go to get groceries.

I don't appreciate you that last line of yours though. it sounds flippant and disrespectful. And as I've pointed out ignores how much death and maiming he was responsible for.