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Julio_Gustavo t1_j9zemc9 wrote

You don't have to agree with it, but this is the stuff that makes the West infinitely better than Russia.


CR0Wmurder t1_j9zn951 wrote

This is a good take

We’re not pushing people out of windows……er I mean people having accidents.


Julio_Gustavo t1_j9zr92q wrote

Russians that were protesting the war were winding up in jail or killed. I am curious to know what happened to the antiwar Russian protest organizers. What did the State do to them?


deftoner42 t1_ja065qk wrote

Doing menial military tasks on/near the front until they're called up to the meatgrinder


Julio_Gustavo t1_ja06z67 wrote

Each one of these responses gets worse. Just disappeared, that is scary. Meanwhile, these Germans protestors probably go home and enjoy Bratwursts, beer, and a Bundesliga game.


deftoner42 t1_ja07vrl wrote

Right, at least they can protest (I kinda see this as more an anti-war/stop the killing protest rather than an Pro-russia protest). But even putting flowers on a statue in russia will get you thrown in the gulag, or worse.


clgoodson t1_ja3odyn wrote

So apparently a lot of them are either Russian immigrants, or remnants of the East Germam political parties that leaned heavily towards Russia. The only reaso. You don’t see a lot of Soviet flags and Nazi stuff like at other protests is that the police were confiscating them.


edingerc t1_ja167i4 wrote


Don't you mean Schnitzengruben? ;)


Julio_Gustavo t1_ja1dpdf wrote

No thank you, I have a limit on how many Schnitzengruben my hypothetical Marxist German protesters can eat.


Screamingholt t1_ja2oshu wrote

"Oh man, those Schnitzengruben really wipe a man out. What's happening in the Cleeeean world?"


Sotha01 t1_ja2w2j5 wrote

Our country has been doing shit in the background for years, don't fool yourself. Our media won't touch it because they know better. Wait 15 years and I promise you'll be dumbstruck by the bs we've been doing when it becomes public. Not saying I support Russia. I want to see Putin hang.


CR0Wmurder t1_ja2wirj wrote

This is the President of a country directly ordering the murders of journalists and political rivals.

Your point on the US, UK, France, etc committing war crimes and evil acts both historically and presently is absolutely true tho 👍🏼


subhuman09 t1_ja3u4br wrote

Makes me iffy on Putin’s support ratings in Russia. People are probably just afraid to fall out of windows


WickedDemiurge t1_j9zwftz wrote

Not necessarily. If these are authentic beliefs based on correct information, then sure, even bad opinions are part of Western democracy. OTOH, if these are based on foreign disinformation, governments need to do a better job shutting that down. And the organizers themselves should have a counter-intelligence investigation done on them, because some of them are literally paid by the Russian government.


A US based example is Wyatt Reed, who is funded by the Russian government's Sputnik news, and "coincidentally" spoke against support for Ukraine at an "anti-war" rally. People have a right to express their opinions, but they don't have a right to engage in psychological warfare on behalf of foreign powers.


D43SIN t1_ja0u55m wrote

> OTOH, if these are based on foreign disinformation, governments need to do a better job shutting that down.

Everything is based on disinformation, both the west and the Russians have been engaging in widespread propaganda efforts. You only need to see the amount of "Putin has cancer, he's about to die" "there's about to be a Putin coup" on the worldnews subreddit to see that the propaganda is flowing copiously from both sides.


Dice_to_see_you t1_ja3i007 wrote

We had a story running in Canada that Putin shit his pants. I kid you not. It's like that is clearly propaganda and even if it did happen why is it news?!??? It's like running the bucktoothed japanese bugs bunny to mock them during WW2.


sprite_sponsorship t1_ja04bzp wrote

Foreign disinformation? Most disinformation comes from our own government. Remember #Russiagate?


Julio_Gustavo t1_j9zxut1 wrote

Sorry, good concerned person, I am going to disagree. We need to have faith in people to engage in conversation and figure out, "Oh wait, I am being hoodwinked." I don't care whether they are being manipulated because corporate media is manipulating us constantly.

Once we get into dangerous ideas of how we should regulate free speech, whether funded by outside organizations or not, then that is when we are no different than them.


nooblevelum t1_ja00o5w wrote

You are a left wing authoritarian wanting to restrict free speech. Don’t want government deciding what is misinformation


WickedDemiurge t1_ja032cz wrote

Neither do I. However, unregistered foreign agents should be strictly forbidden. They're just a more boring version of spies, which all reasonable agree should be illegal.


If you aren't personally taking money from foreign agents to run influence campaigns, this won't affect your ability to say crazy stuff even a little.


Julio_Gustavo t1_ja04alt wrote

What about corporate media, which makes millions from adverts from Big Pharma, and kept completely quiet while much of the Industrial Mid West was wracked by Opiod related deaths. Or when corporate media influenced the entire population to go to war in Iraq, because the government said so? That is a paid entity that misinforms people constantly to serve their purposes. Let's start there before we play 1984 with these "Russian Agents."


UdderSuckage t1_j9z7e1z wrote

Useful idiots exist in every country, it seems.

Glad the German government and grand majority of German people are smarter than these protestors.


ITwerkForALiving t1_j9zr53g wrote

In The US you would only hear this every now and then but pretty isolated until Biden went to Ukraine, the far right seems to have now gone all in Pro-Putin now proving that its not really any of the points they actually disagree with but being anti-Biden.


barowsr t1_j9zt9h9 wrote

Smart moves on Biden then. The more he can get the far-right to outwardly be Pro-Russian, the more they push Independents (who are largely anti-Russia) and even some moderate Republicans towards backing Biden.

Such a dumb wedge topic for R’s to get behind.


clgoodson t1_ja3oy0q wrote

Agreed. I see a lot of Ukrainian flags outside the houses of everyday conservative people. They may never flip Democratic, but they will definitely get pissed and stay home.


KarthusWins t1_ja4yzrc wrote

It's becoming quite sad to see the lengths to which the far right will go just to oppose liberals. They're the embodiment of the phrase " to cut off one's nose to spite one's face."


RoboBOB2 t1_ja6z866 wrote

These protests in Germany from the left show that the further right and left you go the closer you get to completing the circle.


70monocle t1_ja0uc3f wrote

The maga rights entire existence is based around "owning the libs." I don't even think there is a point to be made about anything they argue for. It has devolved from outdated thinking to just anti leftwing to the point that they would watch the world burn before giving anything bipartisan support. The right has killed itself by letting Trump infect it.


Beautiful_Fee1655 t1_ja28xpl wrote

If tomorrow Biden said that no more aid should go to Ukraine, within minutes the maga crowd would be pushing for more aid to be sent.


OppositeEagle t1_j9zunft wrote

For me, it's not anti-Biden so much as anti-war.


Gods_chosen_dildo t1_ja04noi wrote

Yes it makes total sense to be pro invading country when you have an anti war stance…


OppositeEagle t1_ja080t6 wrote

You sound like every other warmonger. "We had no other choice than to join a fight that has nothing to do with us".


Gods_chosen_dildo t1_ja0918w wrote

Ukraine is a sovereign democracy we are allied with being invaded by a totalitarian regime with imperial ambitions.

You sound like the cursed love child of a Stalinist Tankie and a MAGA white-supremacist.


OppositeEagle t1_ja0c7lh wrote

Our ties with Ukraine dictate we send billions in cash and weapons to them? Oh right, I forgot...aMeRiKa fUcKyEaH!!


Gods_chosen_dildo t1_ja0clc3 wrote

That is generally how alliances work when one is invaded yes.


OppositeEagle t1_ja0ftym wrote

Ukraine isn't a strong allie, just a convenient one; enemy if our enemy. So hey, let's keep that machine moving until nukes start flying, right! Right?


Gods_chosen_dildo t1_ja0jj4s wrote

Wtf are you on about, nukes?

You still haven’t answered why taking Putin’s side makes you anti war. Most likely either your dear leaders in the Republican Party told you or the Stalin voice in your head did.


OppositeEagle t1_ja0m037 wrote

You are assuming way too much about me personally. Being anti-war doesn't doesn't make me pro or anti, this side or that; I'm not for whatever is going on between Russia, Ukraine, NATO. But that's me.

Right, NATO, I forgot! Why aren't they just rising up and kicking Putin's teeth in? Maybe it has to do with nukes? You know, the things that level entire cities and contaminates countries? Putin has them...incase you didn't know.


Vanhandle t1_ja0mxcy wrote

You are essentially just arguing that you wish war didn't exist. I also wish guns didn't exist, but they do, and so does war. Not every neighboring county can be convinced to put down their weapons and please don't invade us. War is necessary if the other side refuses to cease their incursions. We would be morally bankrupt if we allowed for allied countries to just get crushed by authoritarians.


OppositeEagle t1_ja0rfyt wrote

Crushed? They're putting up a good fight and holding onto a great deal of their country. Eventually they will join NATO and if Putin try's this shit again it will be WW3. Or the US can escalate it.


collingiles t1_ja1mtvj wrote

>Crushed? They're putting up a good fight and holding onto a great deal of their country.

Exactly BECAUSE we are sending them aid.


Delamoor t1_ja38wc3 wrote

Which OP wants to end, this ensuring they can't put up a good fight and instead get ethnically cleansed and incorporated into Putin's Russia by force.


carmichael109 t1_ja2yoc3 wrote

They are putting up a good fight because the world is aiding them. You just proved everyone's point.


Gods_chosen_dildo t1_ja0ndsn wrote

Yes nukes are a reason that NATO hasn’t committed ground troops to Ukraine, but geopolitical realities pertaining to trade relations with China, alliances with India, and Turkey being a NATO member state are way more reason that ground troops haven’t been committed.

Nukes are a non factor as far as us supplying materiel and financial support for Ukraine, Putin is not dumb enough to use them for any other reason then a Hail Mary if the very survival of Russia is threatened.


Delamoor t1_ja38pp4 wrote

So because they aren't strong enough to survive on their own, Putin (and the modern Russian Empire) has the right to invaded them and threaten the world with nukes?

Oh yeah, you seem totally pro-peace. Not defending an aggressor whatsoever. /S


OppositeEagle t1_ja3adkl wrote

Were acting like Ukraine boarders are our boarders. If that's the case, why aren't we taking this more seriously and mobilizing our own trillion dollar military? That's why we spend so much right? If Russia is such a threat let's treat it like one.


Delamoor t1_ja3bmp3 wrote

So... now you want to invade Russia?


70monocle t1_ja0uw8r wrote

It's almost as if a strong alliance is worth investing in. If Russia takes Ukraine, China will take Taiwan. I doubt Russia would stop at Ukraine as well. The world would end up in WW3 almost certainly if we let that happen. What we are doing now is the best way to STOP WW3


OppositeEagle t1_ja12o23 wrote

If this would prevent WW3 as you say, why not do something more than send cash over there? Weapons help. Troops help. If it's anything like the COVID PPP loans it will go to the wrong people. You have more faith in the govt than I.


70monocle t1_ja1k82t wrote

We are sending weapons, though... It's hard to keep a country that is being invaded somewhat functional without an influx of money as well. Ukraine is one of the largest grain producers in Europe, if I remember correctly, which is pretty important.

I am sure there is some corruption at some level as would be with any system, but we can clearly see the outcome of our investment. Ukraine is holding its own against Russia, and the Ukrainian people are still holding strong thanks to a coordinated effort from the US and our allies.


clgoodson t1_ja3pjso wrote

People might take you a bit more seriously if you didn’t jump from one argument to another when confronted with a little pushback.


OppositeEagle t1_ja3scon wrote

Yeah this is reddit so there are several arguments and may sound mixed up. These are all just opinions from internet know-it-alls anyways.


black641 t1_ja1pdao wrote

Nothing to do with us? Do you really think letting Russia run rough-shod over all their old territories not a part of NATO wouldn’t come back to hurt us? Or the West in general? Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t. I’d rather help Ukraine and send a message to Russia that they can’t just invade their neighbors without consequence. And that they can’t just expect the world to capitulate to their every demand when threatened with nukes.


BrianNowhere t1_ja2z2nh wrote

We have literally pledged allegiance with Ukraine and have vowed to defend them. Remember when the one thing the Trimp administration had changed in the RNC charter was to remove Republican support from the pledge to defend Ukraine? I do. You're playing right into their fascist hands.


clgoodson t1_ja3pb5m wrote

So what’s the appropriate response to one country invading and destroying another without a reason? What do we do when they invade the next country in line?


Slick424 t1_ja3b6pc wrote

Exactly. Herr Hitler only wants to protect the Sudetendeutschen. He would be never stupid enough to attack Poland.


BridgetheDivide t1_ja05ht6 wrote

Eastern Germany was never properly de-nazified like the west was. So after the unification you had hundreds of thousands of fascism sympathizers who saw themselves as victims rather than collaborators metastasize the country.


Pabst_Blue_Gibbon t1_ja969pk wrote

That’s backward. Many Nazi party members stayed in their jobs in the west, as judges, police chiefs, and politicians. In the East they were shunned if they were lucky. The East was heavily propagandized by the soviets of course and that’s one of the main groups that is supporting the “peace movement”, are people who for whatever reason still seem to believe in the “brother state” Russia. If you are talking about the AfD or the riots in Rostock in 1992 then I don’t think looking to 1945-1950 is the right place personally.


Tales_Steel t1_ja9iox4 wrote

They shipped people to Berlin from all over germany for this. It still pulled barely enough people to fill the second smallest 3rd leage football (soccer for us) Stadium (Ursapharm-Arena an der Kaiserlinde) from SV 07 Elversberg


SkewerMeBaby t1_ja002y2 wrote

I get peace activists want peace but what's the alternative to ensuring Ukraine can fight Russia? Allowing Russia to conquer Ukraine? Doesn't that set a precedent for even more conquest?


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_ja39ncv wrote

Crimea already set that precedent. This response is the world telling Putin that enough is enough. Personally, I think we should crush Russia right now.


clgoodson t1_ja3ooii wrote

You need to think that through a little. I’m not a fan of nuclear Armageddon.


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_ja4wksq wrote

So, we let Russia run roughshod over the world because we are afraid? Authoritarian regimes only understand and respond to a threat bigger than themselves; it’s kinda the nature of the bully personality.


clgoodson t1_ja5m40r wrote

No, we continue to support Ukraine to repel Russia. We can and should oppose them, but that doesn’t mean we should directly make war against Russia. That very likely would lead to a nuclear exchange.


that_dapper_llama t1_ja9vcyt wrote

The war with Ukraine is an incredibly delicate situation and requires something reddit is terrible with: nuance.

NATO can do a lot, but with Russia being a nuclear power means there is an upper bound that both sides can escalate conflicts without leading to a potential nuclear armageddon. You can do a lot to slow down Russia, their economy is massively limited and politically have been isolated however an all out war would lead to a nuclear holocaust.

You can't just simply invade Russia, it would lead to massive knock on effects with China possibly fearing invasion leading to increased tensions, same with Iran and North Korea.


JustVGames t1_ja9l2vj wrote

Guess what, neither is Russia. The difference is that the wests nuclear fleet is well maintained.


clgoodson t1_jaa2sqz wrote

If only a 10th of Russia’s nukes work, we’re fucked.


cjpotter82 t1_ja30mw7 wrote

Exactly. For this war, peace is appeasement.


cheeruphumanity t1_ja60qb7 wrote

The people protesting are the same that thought masks are useless during a respiratory pandemic. They are all told what to think and feel from similar sources.

None of these "protesters for peace" demands that Putin pulls out his army from Ukraine.


xiconic t1_j9z8cw3 wrote

Can we get this title changed to be more accurate? Something like: "shitheads gather in berlin to show support for tyrannical dictator's illegal invasion".


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_j9zjsks wrote

Berlin of all places on this planet should know better than to go for the appeasement route…

Authoritarian tyrants are all the same, they only speak one language, and there is only one possible solution to them.


cinyar t1_ja2sg2b wrote

Keep in mind that the population of Berlin is 3.6M. "Thousands" is not a very big or representative crowd.


Preussensgeneralstab t1_ja7jb5p wrote

Berlin isn't representative of the German opinion. It's a city full of the worst of both political extremes as well as a city of 3 Million.


Tales_Steel t1_ja9iw6m wrote

They also shipped people in from all over germany ... still got barely 10k


FuckRulez t1_j9zmnms wrote

Those who do not know our history are doomed to repeat it….


GraniteStayte t1_j9zhiay wrote

So they support Russia decimating Ukraine, then moving on to other countries such as Moldova and Poland?


LS6789 t1_ja0ciah wrote

Anti West tankies created by online disinformation and indoctrination. Maybe a few genuine older generation peace hippies but not many.


Neo2199 OP t1_j9z9rgk wrote

"A demonstration against supplying Ukraine with weapons for war with Russia attracted 10,000 people on Saturday, drawing criticism from top German government officials and a large police presence to maintain order."

"Organised by a prominent left-wing German politician, the protest comes a day after the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which drew promises of more weapons from western allies, fresh sanctions against Russia and shows of support for Kyiv across the globe."

""We call on the German chancellor to stop the escalation of arms deliveries. Now!...Because every day lost costs up to 1,000 more lives - and brings us closer to a 3rd world war," the protest's organizers said on their website."

"The "Uprising for Peace" was organised in part by Sahra Wagenknecht, a member of Germany's left-wing Die Linke party."

"Germany, along with the United States, has been one of the biggest suppliers of weapons for Ukraine."


kornmachine t1_j9zbpvm wrote

I really wouldn't call Ms Wagenknecht left-wing. She's Putins bitch. Even her own party (Die Linke) hates her.


Neo2199 OP t1_j9zscx4 wrote

> I really wouldn't call Ms Wagenknecht left-wing

Sahra Wagenknecht is a well-known left-wing German politician. She was a member of Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) since the 90s, before that party merged with another party to form the Left Party (Die Linke).

She is also the founder of Aufstehen, a left-wing collective movement.


kornmachine t1_j9zyj7m wrote

Oh, I know her (I am German). And she might have had good ideas and done good in the past. But like many other's, since Covid she took a deep dive down the wrong rabbit hole.


aiboaibo1 t1_ja0altx wrote

So where is the political home for pacifists these days now the green party is pro war?

Is categorical pacifism still an allowed position to take?


kornmachine t1_ja0v3w8 wrote

That's still Die Linke, mostly. Or take a pick of a smaller party, there are plenty. That stance is not forbidden, by any means.

Categorial pacifism would be nice, but can only work when everyone adheres to it. Sadly, there are enough dickheads in high places to take advantage and try to dominate everyone.


khanfusion t1_ja0mrf8 wrote

Yeah, that logic don't work. See also: Jill Stein.


Tales_Steel t1_ja9jpbz wrote

She plays the long game. A new left wing / right wing non Aggression pact between Germany and russia but with Switched up sides. Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact 2.0.

So Russia will invade poland and then betrachten germany. This is followed with a long siege of Dresden but in the end they loose and retreat we follow them to Moskow and putin gives himself the bullet.

We take Back Prussian la d but give Poland Belarus in exchange .

/s if someone did not notice the sarcasm


Vic_O22 t1_j9zb42n wrote

Are these "protesters" really that simple-minded and uneducated, or were they paid-off (including non-monetary rewards) to participate and spread their nonsense?

Second-hand shame.


InternationalMatch13 t1_ja3m4gm wrote

People have given their lives so that these people have the right to do this.

Not even mad.


julianriv t1_j9zizzo wrote

I guess these folks forgot what life was like to the East, back when there was an East and West Germany.


tomorrow509 t1_ja43jsd wrote

German Finance Minister: "Whoever does not stand by Ukraine is on the wrong side of history,"

I think most of the world agrees.


Sebekiz t1_j9zqv8y wrote

Well, we know who is getting paid off by Putin in Germany.


RedneckLiberace t1_ja016qr wrote

Yes, Germany is a democracy and their citizens can protest against protecting themselves against Putin invading Germany one day...🤦🏻‍♀️


sprite_sponsorship t1_ja04lm8 wrote

This makes no sense. Why would Russia invade Germany?


RedneckLiberace t1_ja05srs wrote

Why would Russia invade Afghanistan? Why would Russia invade Ukraine? Why would Russia invade the Baltic States? Why would Russia invade Poland? Putin invaded Ukraine in part because he's counting on fools like you failing/refusing to do anything but sit back and watch him gobble up Europe.


sprite_sponsorship t1_ja0edru wrote

You think that NATO will sit back and refuse to engage Russia directly if they invade a member country? That’s literally WWIII, a war that Russia cannot win. They can only nuke the planet, and in that scenario, everyone loses. If you think Putin is so crazy to do that, you’ve been watching too many Marvel movies.


khanfusion t1_ja0m0h9 wrote

I'll take "incredibly stupid questions" for 100, Ken.


sprite_sponsorship t1_ja0oq3c wrote

Then why not invade now? Wars can have more than one front and that move would force the West to ask its people for more than just their money. If Russia is willing to incur Article 5, then why not now?


khanfusion t1_ja0p3be wrote

Because NATO, obviously. But in the meantime, Putin has been trying to undermine and cause NATO to break apart for years, and the poster above you said "one day."

This isn't tricky.

Edit: Also "why not now" well Russia's somewhat revealed itself to be militarily incompetent. Even without NATO it would make no sense to invade *now*, since they'd fail even more miserably than they are in Ukraine. The point still stands about the future, however.


sprite_sponsorship t1_ja0pgz3 wrote

The US blowing up Nordstream II is undermining NATO. Russia poses no realistic risk to NATO, and more than it does to any human who wants to take his chances after nuclear war.


khanfusion t1_ja0s8ir wrote

You're saying the quiet part loud. Any proof about the Nordstream explosion?


sprite_sponsorship t1_ja0zfwu wrote

Well, the president literally said that the US was going to do it, and our ambassador to the UN said that she was happy that it happened, so I guess common sense? What would convince you?


khanfusion t1_ja1cnmk wrote

>Well, the president literally said

Go on, show me.


sprite_sponsorship t1_ja1dh5a wrote


khanfusion t1_ja1dr5p wrote

"U.S. President Joe Biden said on Monday that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would be halted" "said Russian forces crossing into Ukraine would trigger a shutdown."

So not literally.


sprite_sponsorship t1_ja1dzo0 wrote

Blowing it up it a shutdown, now you are arguing in bad faith. He said “bring an end to it” not “shut it down for a while”.

Word games are cope

Not to mention the credibility of the reporter who broke the story, but I don’t want to trigger you further


khanfusion t1_ja1edya wrote

Nope, try again.

It's called diplomacy. "Shut down" means shut down.... which happened that same month, a year ago. Whatever happened to the pipeline 6 months later is still in question, but it certainly doesn't support the idea that the US did it, since it was already shut down at that time.


sprite_sponsorship t1_ja1el5j wrote

He said “bring an end to it” dumbass and why would the us let Russia sell oil to NATO countries, raising money to fund their war effort? What is wrong with you?

Even in a world where you believe this is a noble war, it’s good strategy. If you don’t think the us did it I’d wonder why you don’t think our leadership is doing a terrible job.


khanfusion t1_ja1fo3d wrote

That's the diplomacy part, and why Germany didn't authorize its usage. Or did you miss that part?

"Even in a world where you believe this is a noble war, it’s good strategy"

Not really, since a pipeline not in use due to diplomacy is better than clandestine sabotage of said pipeline in allied waters, especially if it could be a future asset. Russia's fuel is no longer a money maker in Europe, job done.

But wait, you said something about arguing in bad faith after I asked for evidence?


Trugdigity t1_ja1z4zy wrote

Biden didn’t say we were going to blow it up, he was saying that he would block its use. Which he did by selling Germany American natural gas at a subsidized rate.


Phssthp0kThePak t1_ja4nqco wrote

Sweden has the evidence, ask them. Tell us how Russia did it. How did they evade detection so close to a NATO country's shore? Shouldn't that be causing a shake-up in NATO naval defense?


khanfusion t1_ja6b2j0 wrote

>Tell us how Russia did it. How did they evade detection so close to a NATO country's shore?

Well, they control the intake side of the pipelines. They can put a small machine to carry a bomb down there. They can then detonate the bomb. It's actually super easy.


Phssthp0kThePak t1_ja6feii wrote

Those things (pigs) need the gas flowing to move. They cannot be self propelled for 755 miles. We need the metallurgical results from the Swedes. Did the pipe blow up from the inside or outside. Why the foot dragging on this if it could easily prove Russia did it?


khanfusion t1_ja6kgfy wrote

Um, no. They could easily be a self propelling robot. It's not even hard engineering. People in the 70s could have developed it.


Phssthp0kThePak t1_ja6qjea wrote

With what? Batteries? A long cable? Not over 750 miles. Go read about them. Communications and positioning are hard problems too. Note that no one is offering details from the US administration about scenarios like this. They know it's impossible.


khanfusion t1_ja8q3rf wrote

"The US government isn't publicly speculating, therefore they're guilty."


Phssthp0kThePak t1_ja4o1tu wrote

You are right. This will have repercussions for years to come in the European-US and intra-European relations and strategy. Such a stupid move by the US.


BigSexyJayBee t1_ja2lpo2 wrote

So an anti-war left really does exist.

Just not in the USA.


RostyC t1_ja3qqbn wrote

There are a ton of “expat” Russians lobbing in Germany. Enjoying the west freedom but still “loving” Russia.


bearsheperd t1_ja2086d wrote

Germans that don’t know their own history. We already know what happens when the world let’s a country invade their neighbors 1 by 1.


rasputin273 t1_ja4nizc wrote

Germans are very well aware of their history because the world keeps reminding them...I think it is because of thatand that they are afraid of ww3.


CleanOnesGloves t1_ja3s2dr wrote

Don't you want to arm Ukraine so their citizens fight Russia instead of your own? makes sense to me if i was a leader


damattdanman t1_ja32wc2 wrote

I'd like to take a peek at the financials of the organizers; especially the far left wing person that set it up. I'm all about free speech in any country, but the 9,999 sheeple that are in tow on these talking points should be confident on who's selling them before taking a stand.


RossPerot_1992 t1_j9zd9kj wrote

They probably miss the good ol’ days when they were the ones invading countries and committing genocide


freemason85 t1_ja0jc7z wrote

Fucking idiots if it wasn't for NATO Putin would be marching from Ukraine to Warsaw to Berlin.


mynameisalso t1_ja11n2c wrote

They must all be under 30.


Intelligent_Load6347 t1_j9zoisv wrote

I mean, I’m all for freedom of speech - bully for these idiots - but I do wonder just how many of these screamers are the product of the tens of millions of rapes the Soviets committed in Germany? And how many remember that Stalin enthusiastically backed Nazi Germany when they were both exterminating Poles? Insane that any German could ever again side with Russia on anything…


taci7c0ff33 t1_ja0lecn wrote

Good, I’m glad they congregate to be identified


LS6789 t1_ja0cq5x wrote

some of them signed a petition giving their names and addresses right? Maybe they should be, "visited".


Memetic1 t1_j9z8cfp wrote

Thousands you say. Was this in Berlin Wisconsin by chance? If this was in Germany then this is kind of clumsy to put on a news sub for American domestic news. It feels just desperate.


PolecatXOXO t1_j9zaafs wrote

From what I saw of the actual footage of the event, the vast majority of that 10,000 (if that number is even accurate) were counter-protestors, probably around 80-90%. Article is misleading bullshit.

Weasel wording in the article. Yes, that protest drew a large amount of people...but most were there to support Ukraine.


Neo2199 OP t1_j9zdka1 wrote

You’re confusing two events that took place in Berlin on Friday and today.

There was a big rally on Friday in Berlin in support of Ukraine, the next day, there was this protest by a different group.

Just because we don’t agree with the protest, doesn’t mean that we need to make up stuff to downplay it.

The protest took place in Berlin, the capital of Germany, not a small town in Saxony. It has been reported by major news agencies like Reuters & the German news broadcaster Deutsche Welle. The German police also reported on the number of the protesters.


> Police in Berlin said on Saturday afternoon that roughly 13,000 people had attended an event in central Berlin organized by a controversial socialist politician, Sahra Wagenknecht, and a prominent writer and feminist, Alice Schwarzer.

> The Rebellion for Peace rally organizers have received fierce criticism from many politicians, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who say the demonstration could weaken public support for Ukraine's fightback against Russia.

> Organizers had reckoned with a likely turnout in the region of 10,000 but police estimates exceeded these figures despite freezing temperatures and sleet. ..

> Saturday's rally follows a protest in solidarity with Ukraine, attended by some 10,000 people in Berlin on Friday night — the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion.


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Read the sub description...