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m_nels t1_j9843ng wrote

Country is on the verge of mass famine, great work on the weapons program though Kim.


Picture-unrelated OP t1_j98hs0t wrote

It’s really sad seeing resources allocated in the worst way possible


supercyberlurker t1_j993hga wrote

It's the Standard Issue Dictator Plan

Use the country's resources to keep in power instead of helping the people.


GSBro1 t1_j9ax1j7 wrote

I don't want to give Kim Jong-un any ideas, but wouldn't treating your citizens well and keeping them happy a better way to maintain your power?


Someone160601 t1_j9b0ig5 wrote

Doesn’t really matter with such complete brainwashing they don’t know any differently


GSBro1 t1_j9b0qr7 wrote

The biggest flaw in my suggestion is assuming Kim Jong-un would make a rational decision which, ofc, is impossible for him to do.


Darzok t1_j9cjyr9 wrote

No thats the worst thing you can do if the citizens are to busy working to feed them selfs there to busy to turn on you. The second life gets better there going to have free time and see how badly there been fucked. If there not half starved to death there going to have the energy to do more than just keep them selfs alive and think about fighting back. IF they do not fight back there far more likely to try to run away to China/SK or even hurl them selfs in to the sea and try to end up anywhere else but NK.


Sailor_Neon t1_j9au3ux wrote

Kim would not have to do such things if not for that damn Snowball


HereComeDatHue t1_j9aoljs wrote

That would be by design. A hungry population is too concerned over where their next meal is coming from as opposed to plotting a revolution.


WaxyWingie t1_j984cav wrote

Those guys seriously need to stop bombing fish.


Vault-71 t1_j98hpv4 wrote

Someone's gotta stop Cthulhu


elevenminutesago t1_j98k77d wrote

Thank you for my new favorite conspiracy theory.

North Korea very well may go down in history for saving all of mankind.


peepjynx t1_j9b1vnx wrote

My favorite one is that they're protecting Japan from kaiju.


Kiplerwow t1_j9akz60 wrote

I feel like launching missiles while hes trying to snooze would just piss him off.


Mad_Heretek t1_j9as6h9 wrote

In the Call of Cthulhu tabletop game, there are actually rules for hitting Cthulhu with a nuke.

It says it works for a few hours, then he reforms, pissed off and very very radioactive.

They have effectively made the problem 10x worse


peepjynx t1_j9b25gw wrote

Wouldn't that be the gaslight of the century though. Having Japan repeatedly thank them for the missiles so the kaiju don't get out of hand.

Sending clips and deep fakes of Godzilla being struck down.


idletooth t1_j988jc5 wrote

The latest volley in North Korea’s long war with Poseidon


d01100100 t1_j99ct6r wrote

The last guy to do this ended up taking an additional 10 years to get back home.


RengarTheDwarf t1_j9ah67y wrote

To be fair, he’s been more successful than Caligula with this war on Poseidon


parabuthas t1_j98njud wrote

Ahhh. North Korea. Just wanting attention. Poor baby.


Hollewijn t1_j9acwr2 wrote

Running out of attention with the war in Ukraine.


cbarbour1122 t1_j9afclp wrote

They want Matt Damon and mad about still sitting at the kids table.


jormungandrsjig t1_j983gax wrote

Kim: HEY YOU GUYS! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!!!!


W4ffle3 t1_j987xep wrote

Shoo North Korea, we've got bigger problems facing us right now.


MidniteOwl t1_j9830b6 wrote

I guess Kim needs some child support money.


aM_RT t1_j985rk6 wrote

Maybe North Korea needs some of the Israeli drone treatment Iran has received


CakeAccomplice12 t1_j988fr6 wrote

North Korea be tired of all the attention China has been getting


Lost-My-Mind- t1_j98jd5q wrote

Aquaman is such sn ignored character. He's been fighting north korea and disarming their nuclear attacks for decades, and nobody even seems to notice......


jayzeeinthehouse t1_j99blvp wrote

Tis the season for empty North Korean threats to get aid from South Korea just like every other year.


Joejoker1st t1_j99cfd0 wrote

I don’t even care anymore. I come here for news. I see horror. Psychos toying with global destruction. I’m out of fucks.


Tanks1 t1_j9afxs0 wrote

How long can this family hold power? At some point, there has to be an uprising of the people.


opposedeggs t1_j9ak6am wrote

Mental warfare is real. Most the change will have to start with the mentality of the collective, but 99% of that population is brainwashed, indoctrinated, and/or scared to do anything. They also have no resources for an uprising so it would be tough to overthrow the government unless they are foreignly funded. That nation will be like that for a long time.


jeffyoulose t1_j98x14x wrote

Does anyone even care any more. Are we just waiting for an actual war?


Lexo52 t1_j98z3jq wrote

I would believe that Trump confessed to his crimes before thinking anything North Korea is doing is anything but a bluff


jeffyoulose t1_j9a3hkh wrote

True. I think Japan can go one step further and employ anti missile batteries along it's west coast.


munsen41 t1_j99bqvb wrote

Pacific Ocean, you really need to tone it all the way down on that KJU hate, okay?!


SimulatedFriend t1_j9az8oc wrote

That act real tough for a country that could be wiped off the earth by drones alone


Crumbdizzle t1_j9a01xq wrote

The Kim or the Uns or whatever...they look like cartoon characters


1fingersalute t1_j9ax8wn wrote

"North Korea shakes up 3 big bottle of Cola then flings some mentos into them for the 20th time this year. People still don't give a shit. Here's Tom with the weather"


corkedcoffeemug t1_j9axh5u wrote

the embodiment of, "you know what, a ton of people haven't died in a war for a few days lets start another"


pew_pew420420 t1_j9az0a2 wrote

This shit getting old, can we wipe them off the map yet?


TheChanMan2003 t1_j9b00pg wrote

Imagine there’s actually a portal to a dimension filled with kaiju somewhere just off the coast of NK and they’re the only ones containing it


bonyponyride t1_j986h2k wrote

We know they have nuclear capabilities, and we know they have ICBMs, but what kind of technological leap is required to make a nuclear warhead that functions in an ICBM? It seems like that would be vastly more complicated.


NotShey t1_j9a4fbi wrote

The main issue is miniaturization of the nuclear weapon. Basic nukes are huge, and ballistic missiles have a very limited payload. Making a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a ballistic missile is very technically challenging.

It's unclear on where NK is on doing this, but with Chinese or Soviet assistance, it's not implausible that they would be able to do it.


_MrBalls_ t1_j98q9ge wrote

They must think they are trying to hit submarines.


jeffyoulose t1_j9a3bp5 wrote

Where are the secret teams of ninja assassins when you need them eh?


quaybles t1_j9bb4j8 wrote

The world just sits there while a crime family brings the doomsday clock closer and closer.



bebejeebies t1_j9egch4 wrote

Am I the only one fully confident that Japan can handle this?


Adam__B t1_j9f2gdv wrote

I’ve never understood why they think using incredibly out of date weaponry is somehow a show of strength, instead of weakness?


BD_9x t1_ja633bg wrote

Kim is a little upset about Putin taking all the attention from him.


msginbtween t1_j99hbf8 wrote

> North Korea launched two ballistic missiles into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula early Monday…

Where do you see three OP? Every article I could find only mentions 2


piernasflacas81 t1_j9aivhv wrote

No one cares about what those missiles do to the ocean


fariborzzak1341 t1_j9b62id wrote

GOD bless N Korea ,,, Kim is my Hero and he should stop Joe,.