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DameOClock t1_j98s3nf wrote

I will never understand why people get worked up over food vendors. So many freakout videos of people just going apeshit over them. Do they hate delicious and cheap food?


CheeseStandsAlone262 t1_j98swxg wrote

Authoritarian-minded Karens/Kens go absolutely ballistic over the mere thought that someone may not have the correct permits for something

Also, a lot of uptight suburban folks feel that roadside vendors and/or food carts are somehow "trashy" or "dirty."


BisquickNinja t1_j9ab51r wrote

They are some of the best food you will ever try.


17times2 t1_j9gihhe wrote

Either the best food, or will give you the most intense diarrhea you've ever had.


BisquickNinja t1_j9gjhzo wrote

Hopefully one or the other, but not both or neither... 🤣😅


ButterflyAttack t1_j99b9fn wrote

Yeah, I've been to Asian countries where street food is common and aside from health concerns I don't see it as anything but a good thing. It's cheap, easy, and often better than you'd get in many restaurants. Also I'm sure there are unhygienic vendors but I never got sick from street food.


hatrickstar t1_j9hckoq wrote

Or like, I dunno, ask kindly?

If it's his property it's his property, fair play, but don't attack the dude over it. If you want him to leave, ask nicely and if the guy makes a scene about it then get the authorities involved.

That's the thing, about 90% of these videos I've seen the person going full Karen doesn't have any legal reason to be involved. This is the first time I've seen one of these where it's the actual land owner (not that it makes him less shitty) and not some rando walking on the street.