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VegasKL t1_j9n7d7c wrote

It's arguably one of the few things they are actually competent at. Probably because it's a lot harder for corruption to steal resources from the hacking groups when they just need the internet.

The military on the other hand .. lots to plunder there.


Hibatica t1_j9n8j22 wrote

This could be complete BS but I heard (way before the war) that it was legal for Russians to hack non Russian targets. idk.


iieer t1_j9nhkg9 wrote

Not actually legal, but commonly ignored by the authorities, especially if those hackers also are willing to play on the national team (aka hack for the Russian authorities). It's the reasons that some malware (example) has functions that automatically shut it down if it detects use of Russian language on a target, e.g. a computer where the word processing application is installed with a Russian language package or a virtual keyboard in Russian. By setting those limits, they reduce the risk of incidentally hitting a Russian target and pissing off the Russian authorities.


freeman_joe t1_j9t12zl wrote

So if whole world installs on windows also Russian language everybody is safe?


ReallyLegitX t1_j9nhkj8 wrote

Less legal and more russia isn't going to let anyone extradite you to the EU or any other country really. And you generate enough trouble they'll just make you state sponsored instead as suspected with some of the more prevalent ransomware groups operating out of Russia.


aDrunkWithAgun t1_j9scynb wrote

NK would like a word and china, let's be real they have computer science light-years a head of the west

We should be focused on computers in mid school.