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Politics_Frog t1_j943bl4 wrote

One is someone not affiliated with government officials or state, the other is upholding Israeli right wing government which you are defending.

You seriously can't process what is happening. You also link to a literal right wing propaganda outlet.


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dissolutewastrel t1_j93pmib wrote --> A man drove a car into a group of civilians outside an Israeli settlement in what the police described as a terrorist attack. A 6-year-old was among those killed.

More NYTimes: Driver Plows Into Group at Jerusalem Train Station, Killing Baby, Police Say

Even more NYTimes:


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dissolutewastrel t1_j94v4fd wrote

> 8-year-old boy critically hurt in Jerusalem attack dies, a day after younger brother

Pictures of all three killed at the link, plus a photo of the attacker.