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jayfeather31 t1_j905h8l wrote

...isn't that just how antibodies work?

EDIT: To clarify, I am still in favor of masks and vaccinations. I still wear an N95 today and I've gotten the COVID vaccinations and the boosters.


MalcolmLinair t1_j906a46 wrote

Yes and no. Sometimes the vaccines we come up with are much more effective than natural antibodies, sometimes less so. It's a bit of a hit-and-miss process.


saintpetejackboy t1_j90eabp wrote

Saying it is exactly as effective is likely unreliable - as it is highly unlikely. Bring similar in efficiency is understandable but being the same is a statistical anomaly.


usrevenge t1_j90o71z wrote

It's more likely close enough that it isn't worth mentioning.

COVID blows though get vaccinated and as someone who had COVID (again) recently go get the booster If you haven't. The newest variant is way worse than the others like delta or whatever.


V2BM t1_j90vrly wrote

I have permanent arthritis-like pain from having Covid last year. I’ll get boosted every time it’s available. It was also like flu x migraines for 3 solid days. I can’t imagine how bad it would have been had I not been vaxxed.


Revolutionary-Yak-47 t1_j93pk26 wrote

Permenantly altered sense of taste and smell here. Anything sweet tastes like sour patch kids.


V2BM t1_j93qhq0 wrote

I work with younger people who have almost entirely lost their sense of smell. It seems like a minor issue compared to heart and lung problems, but there are a bunch of studies showing it can lead to depression in a significant amount of people. About a third of people also have a lower sex drive with olfactory loss, which is also troubling. (It’s not related to depression; it’s a whole separate issue.)


Main-Performer-70 t1_j93i3yu wrote

Yes, but that line of thinking got you banned from social media just over a year ago.


jayfeather31 t1_j93ihpq wrote

Don't get me wrong, I'm still in favor of vaccinations as they effectively create those antibodies without the risk of severe illness or death, it's just that this study seems like common sense.

If you catch a disease and survive, you get the antibodies for it. It's the same reason vaccinations work.


PolecatXOXO t1_j907tc4 wrote

It still misses an important point in that it's better to get vaxxed than get Covid in the first place (and to be vaxxed if you get Covid).

Getting yourself infected with Covid is not an equal replacement, healthwise, to getting vaxxed.


mikemd1 t1_j91i5yl wrote

From the author of the meta analysis (if you read the article):

>“The problem of saying ‘I’m gonna get infected to get immunity’ is you might be one of those people that end up in the hospital or die,” Murray said. “Why would you take the risk when you can get immunity through vaccination quite safely?”

He's a researcher reporting on the results of his research in one of the most respected peer reviewed medical journals, not an anti-vaxxer FFS.


PolecatXOXO t1_j91ks4o wrote

I realize what happens when people actually read articles, but they don't.

Instead I get my insufferable anti-vaxxer relatives sharing screenshotted headlines like this, and then I need to debunk or block even more.


Bitter_Director1231 t1_j91yhm8 wrote

They aren't wrong. They will get immunity....when they are dead. Problem solved.


saintpetejackboy t1_j90fe4v wrote

Good point. Vaccine + COVID is exponentially better odds than just catching COVID naked.


ToonHub t1_j9cy19k wrote

That’s not a point, it’s your anecdotal opinion lol.


PolecatXOXO t1_j9d1apx wrote

There's plenty of science and stats to back it up...aside from common sense.


ughaibu t1_j9djshn wrote

>There's plenty of science and stats to back it up...aside from common sense.

The risk contra benefit analysis seems to be against the vaccines: link 1, link 2 and link 3.


PolecatXOXO t1_j9dmbq6 wrote

Not sure how you get that.

In the first link, "severe" complications are in 5.9 per 10,000, and is fairly consistent with both vaccines.

Now if you look at severe complications for unvaccinated individuals, the rate is 1500-2400 severe complications per 10,000 for symptomatic individuals.

It's not even close.

Second link you provided only counts "severe" as ventilated. There are far more complications than just this with Covid.

The third...well. It is what it is.


ToonHub t1_j9dadcc wrote

Save it for the stroke victims, Himmler.


whiterac00n t1_j90a3xd wrote

But this is all data about the omicron variant and is purposefully not including any other sub variants. While for the sake of data it definitely makes sense, the omicron variant was a year ago and given how fast it has mutated it stands to reason that other variants are going to be what is going to swing around (each and every year now). Like the flu there very well could be a new variant and a new vaccine, and anyone just relying on “oh I had COVID once before” is not getting the full story. I understand that the point of the article is to discuss hot topic issues from the past but given how we can easily guess how this article will be used in the future it deserves to have “past variants only” stamped all over it.


softsnowfall t1_j90bis0 wrote

Exactly. People often just want to hold onto data and studies that say what they want to hear, but the time period, variants, etc should ALWAYS be considered relevant. I agree it should be clearly marked. Newspapers should also point out if a quoted/reported study is about a past variant.


RedheadFromOutrSpace t1_j91yspa wrote

The paralegal in my office just tested positive for COVID - FOR THE FIFTH TIME - or so we’ve been told.

I don’t know what this guy is doing on weekends.


Ivedefected t1_j92jpz1 wrote

My brother just gave it to me. He's been staying with us since his divorce. He's not vaccinated. He had flu-like symptoms on Friday and didn't tell us until he was too sick to leave his room on Monday and tested positive. He never wears a mask either.

So yeah some people are just fucking garbage.


ItchyDoggg t1_j95f0io wrote

And some people are too kind for their own good. Tell his homeless ass he can follow rules or pitch a tent somewhere.


Jealous-Working-9454 t1_j962kvd wrote

See, you have self preservation skills too. Sigh... it does get lonely though.


5DollarHitJob t1_j92qs6y wrote

>I don’t know what this guy is doing on weekends.

Snorting lines of covid, apparently


LostWoodsInTheField t1_j94dh8f wrote

I know someone who has claimed to have covid at least 10 times. I'm pretty sure they just use it to get out of going to work.


RedheadFromOutrSpace t1_j95wae3 wrote

We work for local government. I’m fairly certain you have to provide proof from a PCR testing facility for it to be official.


Jealous-Working-9454 t1_j962uko wrote

It really made calling in to work easier for a while there... of course now nobody cares. Get back to work.


drakeftmeyers t1_j906192 wrote

Then what about the nature study that found 3rd infection and hospital rates go up to like 75%?


Little_Noodles t1_j907rfy wrote

I think the thing to look into there, if this data holds up, is correlation/causation.

I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that someone battling a third COVID infection had other health risks as well that made infection and hospitalization more likely.

It’s anecdotal, but when it comes to people I know (all vaccinated) that have had COVID more than twice, or more than once in a relatively short time, every last one of them has some pretty substantial pre-existing health issues unrelated to COVID that also made them more susceptible and made their recovery harder.


saintpetejackboy t1_j90g093 wrote

I been catching COVID since before they knew what it was. I think successive infections are, like as you say, indicative of other problems.

The issue is that COVID seems to also cause myocarditis or other cardiovascular problem.

I never took vaccine but pretend I had COVID three times and took a vaccine and then had a heart attack: liberal say COVID killed me and idiots say vaccine killed me. I think it is more complex than that.

This virus seems to temporarily destroy your normal cardiovascular response to situations. The fact that some vaccine may exhibit the same behavior is no reason to avoid them: you can't avoid covid.

Your options are: know you can survive COVID and fall back on millions of years of evolution.


Get a vaccine and rely on state of the art science to prevent you from dying.

If I didnt have COVID so many times before vaccine, as a person that had it, I would be first in line. COVID is no joke. Not getting a vaccine because you vote Republicans is also a funny and hilarious joke called Herman Caine award.

Most people reading this probably could get COVID and be fine. A small percent would fucking die. If you never had it, stay up on your vaccines. If you keep catching COVID, the vaccine is just another risk to take and is a slap on the face to the millions years arms race between viruses and regular life.

When viruses slap back against vaccines like bacteria does against antibiotics, I want to trust million years old technology versus decades old theories and ideas.

If it is your time, it is your time.


TintedApostle t1_j92ffeg wrote

If you live though the infection.... awesome....

What this says is that the vaccine works as well as surviving the infection without having to get the infection and potentially diying from it.


kmelby33 t1_j90d38i wrote

Conservatives, because they are idiots, are going to think this is some grand conspiracy.


Cobby1927 t1_j9186c7 wrote

Onlt two doses, when there are two more boosters available. This is nonsense


Fit_Low592 t1_j91mxft wrote

The problem with the “told you so-ism!” Going on is that getting infected subjects you to whatever long-term effects that we do or don’t know about and will continue to learn in the future. The vaccine most-like isn’t subjecting you to long-term effects.


Chicagostupid t1_j91rvp1 wrote

“If you’re not one of the 7,000,000 dead from Covid and you weren’t vaccinated, you’re just as protected as someone who got an injection and (possibly) a couple days of discomfort”


Jealous-Working-9454 t1_j962e36 wrote

Millions of idiots are misunderstanding and celebrating this news. The ones left anyway.


burndata t1_j92bd1s wrote

*if you don't die first


big_daddy_dub t1_j95mx4p wrote

Thankfully, the overwhelmingly vast majority, over 99% of people, won’t die.


burndata t1_j95ny2o wrote

Oh, of course, that only leaves the 6.86 MILLION people, and counting, who've died from it. Clearly not a big deal... Unless you're one of those 6.8 million people or their loved ones.


big_daddy_dub t1_j95q0lv wrote

Yes, out of the several BILLIONS that were infected and didn’t die. Covid death risk is not uniform in the population and ignoring natural immunity was a mistake.


burndata t1_j95rmgh wrote

Spoken like an insensitive prick. I personally know no less than 5 people who died from COVID because they listened to idiots like you and thought that their natural immunity would protect them. A decision each of their families severely regret each day. So kindly take you bullshit elsewhere and fuck right off.


big_daddy_dub t1_j95sth1 wrote

Your anecdote doesn’t disprove my point. Keep cursing and whining though. It’s really intimidating and persuasive.


burndata t1_j95uecr wrote

Your point has been disproven by this little thing we call science. You should look into it sometime. But by your responses, I'm pretty sure you won't because science is the antithesis of ignorance. The ignorant like you tend to really hate science because it leads to truths and science deniers tend to really hate the truth.


big_daddy_dub t1_j97fwy2 wrote

Lmao, you’ve disproven nothing. Natural immunity is real, which the study OP posted demonstrates. That doesn’t change just because you’re angry on Reddit. Cite an article disproving natural immunity or quit whining to me.


prototype7 t1_j906g9j wrote

It is as affective as the first set of vaccines, I would guess less so when put against those who got boosted


dillrepair t1_j92bfq9 wrote

I mean, this is good…. Scientifically speaking. But from the “people with bullshit excuses” side of things it’s not good.

‘Oh I already had it’. —- really?


Queasy_Good_5485 t1_j90cr54 wrote

What kind of research is this ? So people should try to get infected instead of getting vaccinated


mikemd1 t1_j91iyj7 wrote

It's a meta analysis published in the extremely well respected peer reviewed journal lancet. It looks at 65 studies from 19 countries. I'd wager its extremely high quality research unless this Doctor from UCSF has decided to put his entire career in jeopardy.


dmtjiminarnnotatrdr t1_j91jqfy wrote

There's nothing to put in jeopardy. The author basically concludes that while there's a correlation with strong immunity, there's confounding factors and the high risk of hospitalization, disability, and death makes vaccination the better option over being unvaccinated infection.


saintpetejackboy t1_j90gjve wrote

What if you didn't try to do either? Nobody should try to get infected. Uninfected people should get vaccines. People that had coronavirus a dozen times probably don't need the vaccine.

Imagine COVID 19 is the black plague. Imagine the vaccine is blood letting. If I had the black plague and recovered - I probably don't need to let the doctor bleed me.

Vaccine doesn't prevent infection. Vaccine also could carry risks, even theoretical. If you say "vaccine is risk free!" Then you are just taking random nonsense.

There are always risks.

Even at .0000000001%.

No medication is 100% safe None.

If you had coronavirus before, the vaccine might not be for you: it is a compound risk (no matter how small)

This is not politics. You can userleans me if you want. These are facts. Nobody should be forced to get any kind of medical procedure, including a vaccine.

Liberals are always heavy on assisted suicide, abortion, and other stuff: why not let crazy old people catch covid and die to reduce the burden on social security and other entitlement programs? If they are dumb enough to refuse vaccine and die of covid, who the fuck are YOU to force them to make only decisions you agree with?

That's right: nobody. So sit down, shut up, fight your virus (or take your vaxx!) And stop trying to worry about the next person and what they chose to do and what their solutions were.

If the vaccine prevented you from catching the virus or spreading it, this would be a different conversion. It doesn't.


Queasy_Good_5485 t1_j90hh5x wrote

How did you get through schooling without being vaccinated? What is with you people and the Covid vaccine? It just sounds stupid to say, look getting infected is better than getting vaccinated. If you don't trust the science, don't trust the science on all the desperate measures doctors take up in ERs to rescue you . I remember the time all the anti-vaxxers were hogging up ERs after falling badly ill during the delta wave abd getting pumped up with all kinds of steroids and experimental monoclonal antibodies. Public health is not liberal or conservative . Do what helps the society . This was especially true in the first couple of years when many lives were lost to much stronger variants than omicron.


saintpetejackboy t1_j91i0ts wrote

You misread, or I explained bad, sorry. I am not anti vaxx and I have taken every vaccine except the COVID vaccine.

If I hadn't had COVID numerous times by the time the vaccine came out, I would have DEFINITELY taken it.

I am about as pro vaxx as you can get, it just isn't for me. In my own personal scenario, I also have an underlying kind of autoimmune disorder (a vicious chronic urticaria that primarily manifests through any rapid change in body temperature, that has left me hospitalized and unable to breathe when I was younger).

Catching COVID any of the numerous times I have had it also caused me some kind of cardiovascular problems and gave me basically POTS (which seems to have maybe cleared up) and worse shit.

It is super annoying when people go "you should have taken the vaccine!", as before the vaccine was available, people like me were already catching the virus and having recovered. I remember getting tested and having both active virus and antibodies, and the logic back then just a few years ago was "lol to can't get the same virus twice, so you obviously didn't have it the first time".

By first time, I mean in January of 2021, I was hospitalized with a debilitating cough that was crippling me and making it impossible to breathe. They chalked it up to an "unknown viral infection" and sent me home. Keep in mind, my very good friend was also very sick and had just come back from Italy.

Living in Florida around a ton of people who absolutely refuse to wear masks or gloves or anything doesn't help at all for trying to avoid stuff like that. :)

But yeah, for clarification, I am not anti vaxx.