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Little_Noodles t1_j907rfy wrote

I think the thing to look into there, if this data holds up, is correlation/causation.

I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that someone battling a third COVID infection had other health risks as well that made infection and hospitalization more likely.

It’s anecdotal, but when it comes to people I know (all vaccinated) that have had COVID more than twice, or more than once in a relatively short time, every last one of them has some pretty substantial pre-existing health issues unrelated to COVID that also made them more susceptible and made their recovery harder.


saintpetejackboy t1_j90g093 wrote

I been catching COVID since before they knew what it was. I think successive infections are, like as you say, indicative of other problems.

The issue is that COVID seems to also cause myocarditis or other cardiovascular problem.

I never took vaccine but pretend I had COVID three times and took a vaccine and then had a heart attack: liberal say COVID killed me and idiots say vaccine killed me. I think it is more complex than that.

This virus seems to temporarily destroy your normal cardiovascular response to situations. The fact that some vaccine may exhibit the same behavior is no reason to avoid them: you can't avoid covid.

Your options are: know you can survive COVID and fall back on millions of years of evolution.


Get a vaccine and rely on state of the art science to prevent you from dying.

If I didnt have COVID so many times before vaccine, as a person that had it, I would be first in line. COVID is no joke. Not getting a vaccine because you vote Republicans is also a funny and hilarious joke called Herman Caine award.

Most people reading this probably could get COVID and be fine. A small percent would fucking die. If you never had it, stay up on your vaccines. If you keep catching COVID, the vaccine is just another risk to take and is a slap on the face to the millions years arms race between viruses and regular life.

When viruses slap back against vaccines like bacteria does against antibiotics, I want to trust million years old technology versus decades old theories and ideas.

If it is your time, it is your time.