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RobinsShaman t1_j9d7ux5 wrote

Fumio Kishida is a Japanese politician serving as Prime Minister of Japan and president of the Liberal Democratic Party since 2021.


Pilot0350 t1_j9dmb44 wrote

That is a massive amount of money. Way to go Japan. You were already awesome but now yall just taking it to another level.

Real question though: When Gundam?


X_PRSN t1_j9dhl43 wrote

I mistakenly read this as Kesha, and thought that was awfully nice of her.


fvb955cd t1_j9dxz4m wrote

Russia is about to experience the hellish torment of waking up, brushing their teeth with a bottle of jack, and being forced to party endlessly as if time has no meaning and no escape from the celebration. Initial joy will turn to horror and they drink more and more to just die, but they just keep waking up feeling like p diddy as the party continues.


onixotto t1_j9dkcpt wrote

She did make a lot of money with tik tok.


MUPIL090310 t1_j9fvyuq wrote

$5B is amazing. Hopefully this helps to officially stamp out Russia and what they are doing.


Kobebeef1988 t1_j9dyrnh wrote

Isn’t Japan scrambling to come up with an extra several billion dollars to fund their recent defense spending increase over the next several years? Maybe this money would have been good to use for that? I’m all for supporting Ukraine, but why are they giving out money when they’re so strapped for it that they’re considering dipping their hands into the special income tax for reconstruction of Tohoku as one of their means of generating the extra cash?


McBits t1_j9e3des wrote

Be smart. The money goes to the detriment of the adversary. Duh. For an old person you are sure slow on the uptake


RunThePnR t1_j9h4uv4 wrote

It’s future investment really and no doubt they expect it to pay off overall.


DetJohnSpartan t1_j9dasju wrote

Is it just me, or does meeting in Hiroshima sound like a bad omen for them? I'm not saying Russia is crazy enough to repeat one of the worst days in civilization, but I'm not saying they aren't.


theb0tman t1_j9dbjng wrote

We didn't bomb some backwater town. Hiroshima was probably equivalent to like, Philly, Baltimore, maybe boston at the time.


NoBrains-NoGains t1_j9h2n0r wrote

Fun fact, Nagasaki wasn't even the initial target of the second bomb but a backup target because they couldn't see Kokura because of smoke from all the other bombing.