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Mushroom_Glans t1_j9r8lik wrote

So, the people who claimed election fraud in AZ were lying, and knew it.


Sebekiz t1_j9tt2e2 wrote

> The memo also reported that some high-profile Republican officials — who had publicly made fantastical claims of fraud — did not reiterate those assertions under questioning by agents, when they were subject to a state law prohibiting false reporting to law enforcement.

Many of the people who are claiming fraud in the 2020 election know it isn't true, but they are claiming it is to appease the voters who want to believe they were "robbed". It's interesting how officials are happy to say fraud exists up to the moment that they are on the official record and would be held criminally liable if they make a statement they know is false, then they suddenly do not want to talk about it or make any further comments.

There's a reason that every single official that Trump appointed who has ever looked into the fraud claims has under oath sworn that the election was valid. The only people working for Trump who are willing to claim that fraud altered the election are people who would not be at risk of going to prison if their comments turn out to be false.



macross1984 t1_j9r8g2n wrote

Arizona's top prosecutor have committed a crime. He should be charged for not doing his job and replaced.


onthecoastmoreorless t1_j9r7gw1 wrote

Throw out convictions in every case that this perverter of justice has handled.


PF4LFE t1_j9rt9i1 wrote

Disbar this trumpy trash can


Hattix t1_j9sqkv1 wrote

What's the word I'm thinking of... you deliberately lie, mislead, conceal, or distract from the truth for personal gain... begins with "F" I'm sure of it...


P7BinSD t1_j9rr43q wrote

Fraudulent fraud claims? Those frauds!