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YuviManBro t1_j8mqedn wrote

Census was postponed due to covid, will take place shortly. Let’s not sensationalize


xerafin t1_j8mxvvk wrote

But we needses clickses, precious…


veerKg_CSS_Geologist t1_j8oylws wrote

Actually, the scale of the delay in conducting the census is quite important and well worth noting. The last census was 2011 and given the government hasn't even begun the process of starting the new one, it's likely to be late 2024 before one happens and 2025 or even 2026 before the results.


_ALPHAMALE_ t1_j8nj6yy wrote

I am thinking government is avoiding it until atleast 2024 elections. Considering it's 2023 and they haven't taken any significant measures in direction of conducting it.


Ghost273552 t1_j8nseaw wrote

The issue is really that they don’t know how to appropriately distribute funds.


Maxcr1 t1_j8mrqb0 wrote

People, especially westerners, don't realize just how diverse and complex India is. Officials aren't even sure how many languages and ethnic groups exist within India. The complexity is incredible.

Try getting people to fill out a census form and mail it back to you when they speak a language that you don't even know exists, and there's only an ~80% chance they know how to write (India has a tragic, major literacy problem which is being worsened by the objectively terrible Modi government)


Runaround46 t1_j8mtdc1 wrote

Wait you're saying there are people that are speaking languages in India that no one has ever heard of before?


VintageJane t1_j8mwqjp wrote

From my understanding it’s less that and more that when does a dialect become so distinct that it’s it’s own language? In English we have some dialects that are so distinct that if you don’t speak English, you would never be able to tell the root language. Think that really deep English/French/Southern Louisiana creole accent. Now imagine you are a government official who speaks Arabic and a little bit of English and goes to a village with that dialect. Can you communicate?


therealdannyking t1_j8n4xeh wrote

I remember my linguistics professor telling us that a language is just a dialect with a military.


JohnGillnitz t1_j8o8tgv wrote

That's why we have the KISS Army to protect the language of Rock 'n Roll.


jaxinpdx t1_j8n5tf6 wrote

Kind of like Rio de Plata Spanish in Uruguay. Totally different than other Spanish. A tricky hybrid of Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and French. It really should be considered a stand alone language.


Runaround46 t1_j8myft3 wrote

Oh wow so they can't read and any official coming to record on their behalf can't communicate. Wow just wow, that is a mess.


Cormetz t1_j8n4vtk wrote

One Problem with your example is Arabic not spoken as a primary language in India at all. The Muslim population speaks the local languages of their area but might speak Arabic for religious reasons at times.


VintageJane t1_j8oxrxv wrote

My example wasn’t for India. I went for Arabic as a language in my example that has nothing more than some words in common with English (the “technical” language being spoken in Louisiana Creole) as opposed to being a root language (German or Latin) or language with shared root (French or Italian).

The point being that in India, the government official may speak two of the common languages of the country (one natively and the other regional language functionally) and if the person they are attempting to communicate with is speaking a weird bastardized version of the latter language (sorry Louisianans) which has very little in common with the language you speak fluently then it can be very difficult to decipher.


onioning t1_j8o9a2i wrote

Well, not "no one." That's impossible. The speaker has definitely heard it.

Tangential but fun fact: something like 20% of the world's languages come from Papua New Guinea. The geography is such there that it's largely made up of isolated valleys which has allowed the languages to remain distinct.


mhornberger t1_j8ofqzq wrote

Some countries are more rough groupings than cohesive units. The westphalian nation-state isn't always a perfect fit for how the world works. I've visited a number of places where what people identify as starts with caste, religion, region, and maybe nationality is somewhere down that list.


Pallasite t1_j8ouhx2 wrote

Yeah but this isn't really what India is like. It has this long English history and unity as a country. Lots of people speak English to do business within the country and because of lingering colonial heritage.


OiVeyM8 t1_j8osjdt wrote

Try sending those to the Sentinelese.


jyper t1_j8r0ot7 wrote

Ethnic identity is complex and political is group A a subgroup of group B or a different group altogether? What if different members disagree? Similarly whether something is a language or a dialect is also fairly political.


mansnothot69420 t1_j8ne0q2 wrote

Of all the problems that you can blame our current govt for, seriously? Education? How are they objectively worsening the literacy rate?

What's wrong with NEP? Are you pissed that more courses will be also be taught in Hindi?

If anything, blame them for waiting so long conduct a census. It's been over a year after COVID had subsided in our country. If we can conduct all kinds of rallies around the country throughout the year, we damn well can conduct a census.


humanbot69420 t1_j8otquj wrote

you're on a US centered news subreddit, move along, don't expect nuance here, especially for India lol


dougms t1_j8moge5 wrote

Tracking populations is difficult.

Even in the US, our census is only as accurate as the people reporting their households.

There will always be people missed or under reported. Either ignoring the census, off grid or intentionally ignoring it.

We probably do pretty good, but who knows the actual number.


GrandmaToesFetish t1_j8ofjk9 wrote

I ignore the census people


VanDenBroeck t1_j8ok969 wrote

And that’s fine if you don’t care if your state gets credit for its population and does not have the proper number of representatives and electoral votes.


GrandmaToesFetish t1_j8omjb3 wrote

You’re right I don’t care. We don’t need more shitty politicians


VanDenBroeck t1_j8pa667 wrote

Then don’t vote for republicans.


GrandmaToesFetish t1_j8pgif5 wrote

Both sides are pretty shitty if you haven’t realized yet


jaxinpdx t1_j8n5jzy wrote

There are some creepy measures that the US takes to try and track/count the homeless population. Teams will go into forests with night vision goggles to find people. Others will follow homeless folks back to their encampment.


itsallthesamejames t1_j8nai8z wrote

Let's not sensationalize, it's not that malicious. But yes, many cities typically do a count of the homeless. New York City just did theirs in January. While I realize that pretty much nowhere is doing enough for the unhoused, this count does give the municipalities an idea of where the unhoused are congregating and how many people are in each area, which helps the city and nonprofits determine where to best use the resources they *do* have to distribute.

There are no paramilitary teams just secretly sweeping forests and encampments, forcing people out of hiding. I imagine it's more so to get a count without actually disturbing people who do not want to be bothered at a time when they are likely to be stationary and congregated so as to get the most accurate information.


edingerc t1_j8ner6z wrote

India: We have the most populous nation on earth! Also India: Wait, we have the most populous nation on earth…


Sqantoo t1_j8ndz5b wrote

Don’t give this dog tier article clicks.


DepartmentOk5431 t1_j8mwp04 wrote

They already are the most populous. As of January this year.


Euripidoze t1_j8pz996 wrote

I dunno. With over a billion people, by the time you finish counting it’s probably changed by a half million anyway


CanadianDiver t1_j8mxv2z wrote

Based on youtube videos, they lose a significant population due to dumbassery almost daily.


WolfThick t1_j8ocqsf wrote

Indian official commented you try counting that many people.


urkldajrkl t1_j8ow237 wrote

I’m going with “too many”


Keylime29 t1_j8p9ggy wrote

So they could already be the most populous nation, and not know it


VanDenBroeck t1_j8ojt15 wrote

I’m not sure how many countries know the real number of people it has, especially any one of the more heavily populated ones.


Sometimes_Stutters t1_j8psv4i wrote

Find out how many piano tuners are in India, and you’ll probably be able to get a good estimate on the total population.


SerenaYasha t1_j8q3y4a wrote

Bad joke: ask the Chinese to count them.


TheMoogster t1_j8nm88f wrote

A country based on census does not know how many people it has (cough US cough)


wallygator88 t1_j8nyhx3 wrote

India desperately needs something along the lines of a one child policy tied into social benefits/ration card/taxes. It's gone past the point where womens education and sex education can help.

Of course, no government will end up doing this because of votes.


onioning t1_j8o9prb wrote

The facts do not support this position. The facts demonstrate that the population in India is plateauing. Were they to take steps to limit growth they would likely go into decline (and also that's evil).


deeptimeswimmer t1_j8pwjhg wrote

Why is wanting the worlds most overpopulated countries population to go down, evil?! When you have an environment stressed by too many people, (which is, in fact, a thing), it’s only moral to want to have less people around.

People are starving for fucks sake. Any attempt to develop an infrastructure (to improve the citizens quality of life) gets instantly crushed under the sheer numbers of poor, hapless people who try to use it.

India (and indeed, Earth in general) needs to have one-tenth of its current population. And I am not talking about causing deaths. I’m talking about family planning and birth control.


onioning t1_j8q0418 wrote

> When you have an environment stressed by too many people, (which is, in fact, a thing)

No. This is untrue. Not only is it not true, it is a billion miles from being true.

It is true that current consumption habits are grossly unsustainable. But it's the consumption habits that are the problem, not people's desire to exist. We are absolutely capable of ensuring the prosperity of all people on Earth and many many many many more while being fully sustainable.

For real though. No one with relevant expertise disagrees with those statements. The idea that we just can't support everyone is capitalist garbage. It blames those with the least capital and offers them up as sacrifice so that we all get our own cars.

>People are starving for fucks sake.

Not because we can't make enough food. Because we can't extract sufficient wealth from them to justify giving them food. There is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone. It is fundamentally not an issue of production. It's an issue of economic exploitation.

>’m talking about family planning and birth control.

You're taking about removing people's right to control their own reproduction. That's powerfully wrong. It's also completely unnecessary and won't in any way achieve the goal you want, but regardless it's very, very wrong. It's just fundamentally untrue that we have an overpopulation problem, and pretty much every qualified expert agrees that there will never come a time when overpopulation becomes an issue.


wallygator88 t1_j8obqel wrote

Mind linking me to the data you've looked at?

Totally happy to change my opinion, if true.


dba1990 t1_j8narhl wrote

The frightening thing is that China, the nation India surpassed/will surpass as the world’s most populous, is projecting a population decline after decades of ‘One Child’ and their middle-class improving. India meanwhile will still be seeing explosive population numbers with no signs of decline anytime soon.


Curious_Planeswalker t1_j8o3392 wrote

>India meanwhile will still be seeing explosive population numbers with no signs of decline anytime soon.

India is already at the replacement rate


GrizzyLizz t1_j8om8b7 wrote

What a stupid and blatant lie. India's population growth has come down to replacement level and should ideally stay there so as to not have too few working people in the next generation.


wwishie t1_j8mv8g4 wrote

Officially it's 4 metric shittons.