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Moosetappropriate t1_ja8jzon wrote

Isn't that why American companies contract to China for their goods?


ArchmageXin t1_ja8kj6q wrote

Partially, but most of it due to ppp (purchase power parity) which give US dollar massive buying power in China and other countries.


Moosetappropriate t1_ja8ksy0 wrote

So why do they bitch about other countries doing that in America?

Edit: Love the fact that I'm being downvoted for pointing out what the rest of the world already recognizes about America's hypocrisy.


ArchmageXin t1_ja8lrga wrote

Tbf, Americans bitch about that a lot all the times. "Them Asians use slave labor" have been a trope since forever. It used to be Japan and now China. Hell, US government recently claimed the Chinese navy is built with slave labor.


Moosetappropriate t1_ja8ry8n wrote

You still haven't answered the question and TBF America still uses slave labor as well.

Edit: When America removes the right to use slave labor from the Constitution, then you'll have the right to make comments about other countries.


meatspace t1_ja97re0 wrote

If the American electorate was following along, we would electing very different politicians.


Riley_ t1_ja91yfr wrote

This is an important thing to think about with international trade. Any time we import things that we could produce ourselves, we are putting our labor in competition with the other country's labor.

If we want our workers to have good wages and rights, then we should only be trading with countries that provide that to their workers.

Trading with a bunch of countries that use child labor, trash wages, and even slaves is driving down the value of our work.


secondsbest t1_jaa5r9a wrote

The competition exists either way because poor people all around the world want those jobs too. It's the consumer that makes the ultimate choice with their wallet, so any company trying to sell made in America without a huge advantage in product quality or government enforced tariffs on imports is going to fail in competition with global labor.


Moosetappropriate t1_ja932yo wrote

I'm sure the world will listen to America's pontificating at some point after it reverses the current trend to allow increasing amounts of child labor in society as well as the Constitutional right to use slave labor.


GraffitiTavern t1_ja8r8cf wrote

Yea and it's awful when American companies do it too? Why are you defending multinationals regulation shopping


UniversalMomentum t1_ja9638e wrote

Yes, but it also just so happens when your the richest country you have to outsource labor to make things cheap enough to sell them to most anyone but yourself.

I think that's the part most people overlook. America could make everything in America but then not only would we pay more, but much fewer places could afford the products and the entire global economy would grow slower.

Before globalism it was like developing countries were more linked to developed countries economies because they were trapped behind the inflated values of developed nations. Globalism is really just letting them make the stuff themselves so everybody can grow faster and it's actually rather generous of the developed nations to not lock developing nations into higher costs.

When you get right down to it Globalism has been the biggest wealth redistribution to the developing world in all human history. US and EU aren't getting richer relative to developing nations via Globalism, they are getting richer slower and developing nations are growing faster and for that developed nations citizens get some of the cheapest retail buying power in history... on those items. Not so much on healthcare or housing where globalism doesn't help much.

Soo you might be barking up the wrong tree when you really stop and think about it all.


Moosetappropriate t1_ja97rgx wrote

Globalism is a symptom yes. But it comes down to American materialism and greed. Americans want lots and of the best of everything but they don’t want to pay for it. Therefore they outsource to third world countries instead of using American workers and paying union wages for their goods.


HugeFinish t1_ja9ooe3 wrote

Do you think this doesn't happen in every other country? Do you honestly think Europe is some kind of magical land?


Moosetappropriate t1_ja9zhba wrote

So because no place is perfect we can’t point at the US and say that as the richest nation they shouldn’t be expected to be better? The real problem is that America is among the worst offenders in this.