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shiftdnb t1_ja8nf1e wrote

Not only underage workers but underage migrant workers. In a factory. Remember the story of the migrant kids found working cleaning up meat packing plants. Until the owners of these companies are thrown in prison it will continue happening and they’ll just say oops we tried but we’ll try harder next time. Here’s a nickel for your troubles.


flaker111 t1_ja97pmr wrote

the only time america cares about children is when they are still unborn otherwise those kids were just picking up their bootstraps ......


obliviousofobvious t1_ja98byh wrote

Well...they DID think of the children. They just thought of them as cheap, abusable, labour.


astralbelligerency t1_ja9s1xt wrote

can’t complain about the mines if they’re still safer than the schools - big child labor, probably


Nutatree t1_jac84az wrote

And they better get born so they can get exploited.


obliviousofobvious t1_jacffgm wrote

That's why they banned abortions dude! Labour pipeline!!!


4myoldGaffer t1_jaclx0i wrote

If abortions are banned then the Catholic Church won’t have any warm bodies for human trafficking and the rapist priests


wankerbot t1_jacknru wrote

you know when people say "think of the children", you know they mean their well-being, right?


obliviousofobvious t1_jacll6w wrote

That is your assumption. The real motivation, based on the actual actions taken is manyfold:

  1. Enforcing religious dogma. Often it's repressive, bigotted, and extremely unpopular.
  2. Silencing critics.
  3. Pushing their own views on other people. This one is the worst because it's used to force one's personal beliefs about what is acceptable for children on others.

There are many social mores and standards that I believe and accept are required to protect kids. Sexual Predation laws, for example, are things we can all agree are healthy and required.

Criminalizing Drag shows as somehow being a gateway to Sexual Predation, however, is a perfect example of "Think of the children" used to oppress a minority group.

We will disagree on what we believe is acceptable for minors. Where I draw the line on media (fantasy / sci fi violence vs real life simulated) may not be where you agree. That's ok. You do you. When you start forcing me to follow your rules or, worse, try to impose your rules on the whole population and use the "Think of the Children" trope to accomplish you're seeing where I'm going.

And, to finish, do you not find it EXTREME hypocracy that the same political party that is frothing at the mouth to protect kids from "the gays" are the same ones enabling this horrific child labour scheme?


wankerbot t1_jadkxe0 wrote

holy shit, all i meant was that when people say "think of the children" they are doing so under the guise of the childrens' well-being (whether or not they are genuine, or whether or not their assertions would actually help kids).

your "well they did think of the kids" is about as helpful as the "don't call him a [denegrating name] because it gives [denegrating name] a bad name" comments.


human-0 t1_ja9zaj0 wrote

And even then, they don't really care about the children. They care about controlling the woman and asserting authority.


BlueJDMSW20 t1_jaaeg3n wrote

It's called "empty rhetoric" and only true imbeciles fall for it.


flaker111 t1_jab25bl wrote

lol like when they (anti abortion ppl) tell women just put the kid up for adoption.... and when you ask those same people how many kids they adopted.....


BagHolder9001 t1_jabs2d1 wrote

that's the reason they wanna ban abortions they need labor that can't join a union


Folderpirate t1_jacmxv4 wrote

And now you're starting to realize the point of overturning roe.

They need more babies in sunday school to molest.

They need more 14 year olds pretending they're old enough to enlist and die.

They need more people getting paid minimum for their company.


oh_hai_fascists t1_jadpngs wrote

or if they are trans, then apparently they are treated like infectious zombies


ckytho t1_ja9osep wrote

Seems we know where the migrant children went after they vanished from the cages a few years back


DevoidHT t1_jaasm6m wrote

But they got the “oops you caught me” slap on the wrist they always get. It leaves a mark for at least 5-10 business hours. What more could you want?


GroundForcesWTX t1_jab0020 wrote

What people need to realize is is that if a company is hiring illegal immigrants, they probably are breaking other laws too (i.e. safety, environmental, etc.)


TheHomieHuglord t1_jabp649 wrote

That's the same shit going on that happened with the plantation owners in the South they don't give a fuck about any of the poor folk around them they just want to maximize profit at the expense of human life liberty and decency


The-Mech-Guy t1_jach7xp wrote

'maximize profit at the expense of human life liberty and decency'

So... capitalism then?