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BatheMyDog t1_ja9nmj4 wrote

Lots more than that. I have a 2015 Hyundai Tuscan and got a recall letter that told me it can catch fire. They said they were working on a fix and in the meantime to not park in any garages. Took them a long time to send the next letter saying I could take it to a dealership to get it fixed.


SuspiciousBroccoli43 t1_jaak1hs wrote

Dump that car as soon as possible.

I had a 2013 that threw a rod at 50k miles on a busy highway and I got off easy compared to most people who had full engine fires.


BatheMyDog t1_jaaoa2n wrote

Yep we are going car shopping soon. This thing is trash. It’s been in the shop 6 times since summer for unrelated things. Never buying a Hyundai again.


AST5192D t1_jaazc1p wrote

You have a Hyundai and don't even know the model?


AST5192D t1_jaergjd wrote

Lots of downvotes from people who own a "Tuscan"


DapprDanMan t1_ja95al5 wrote

Oh wow that recall notice is right around the time she got it. Are car dealers obligated in any way to disclose that information before the sale? Seems like relevant information


SmellingSpace t1_ja9g3ah wrote

If she doesn’t have a 4 pin tow harness she’s fine. Otherwise it needs to be looked at.


zesty_hootenany t1_ja9pj1a wrote

If she bought her car last summer, perhaps she bought the 2023 model? That one isn’t part of the recall (so far, I guess, maybe?), so her car would be ok.