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Rage_Like_Nic_Cage t1_j808ez4 wrote

> The payout would not come from Paxton’s own pocket but from state funds, which means it would still require approval by the GOP-controlled Texas Legislature.

As always, taxpayers foot the bill and Paxton hasn’t been punished/learned anything. At least the FBI investigations are still ongoing. Can’t get rid of this guy soon enough.


jschubart t1_j80h6tm wrote

It's going to be a while since he was just reelected by a 10% margin. 53% of Texans apparently have shit for brains.


terminalzero t1_j80jjtq wrote

> 53% of Texans apparently have shit for brains.

53% of the ~45% who vote at least (and admittedly probably a lot of texans that don't)


themeatbridge t1_j80ovn8 wrote

All of the ones that don't vote have shit for brains, or, like, a job I guess. Voting should be compulsory and on a national holiday.


UncleRichardson t1_j80xjiu wrote

I had to renew my TX license due to expiration, without which can't vote. Renewed it October 9th. I finally got it in the mail last week. My mother? She renewed her at the end of January. She got hers the day before I got mine.

I can't say for certain they deliberately slowed renewals just before elections, but boy it sure is curious.


jonathanrdt t1_j88m46w wrote

Vote by mail and mandatory registration ensures that everyone can vote easily. We know it works; it’s just that a certain powerful group prevents it because the actual will of the people prevents them from getting elected.


FriarFriary t1_j82rbzq wrote

Texas loves the shit fed to them as long as it has an “R” next to it’s name.


Ghost-Orange t1_j82zzoi wrote

The didn't win. Trump's fixer rigged it, then ran away as quickly as he was appointed.


wcbjr t1_j84tlp4 wrote

Not me. I voted against the fuckstick.


nox_nox t1_j8135e0 wrote

That investigation has been ongoing for years. My money is on nothing ever happening to him at this point.


Sarnsereg t1_j81jqa9 wrote

FBI investigations is just a fancy way of saying were delaying not doing anything for a while.


ClownCarnival t1_j809kt3 wrote

I'm sure all the tough on crime conservatives will be furious that a criminal is using taxpayer money to settle his crimes. What? No? That makes him smart?


Hrekires t1_j80a48w wrote

Absolutely wild that this dude is still in office.


ID0ntCare4G0b t1_j823ha7 wrote

People eat up his grandstanding GOP idiotic bullshit and ignore the fact he's actively done criminal shit and undermine his own office for his entire run there.


Radthereptile t1_j83yzqh wrote

Never forget Alabama was a few votes from electing a convicted pedophile to own the libs.


comments_suck t1_j80h4zf wrote

State's top law enforcement officer does illegal things, has others pay for it. The Onion stories just write themselves at this point.


rikki-tikki-deadly t1_j80xizv wrote

Important to remember that it's a Republican state official, in a Republican state. You won't find a much more perfect example of someone who the law "protects, but does not bind" than Paxton has turned out to be.

On the bright side, Ken Starr is dead. You have to celebrate the little things.


Harmonic_Flatulence t1_j815msg wrote

Wait, why are you pleased Kennith Starr is dead? I know it's pretty gross how much detail of Bill Clinton's sex life he included in his investigation (no one needs their sex life that heavily scrutinized unless you've done something illegal), but why celebrate his death? Did I miss something?


Mattyboy064 t1_j818t5p wrote

Because he is a piece of shit?


Harmonic_Flatulence t1_j81aw86 wrote

I mean, there are numerous people I would consider to be a piece of shit, but I wouldn't celebrate their death. Being happy someone dies is kind of shitty to be honest.


DifficultyWithMyLife t1_j83558m wrote

If someone's legacy consists of repeatedly causing harm to others and never showing any signs of being repentant about any of it, then I see no reason not to be glad they can no longer do so.


amibeingadick420 t1_j82npf2 wrote

You just summed up Qualified Immunity, which applies to all law enforcement officers. And to top it off, QI isn’t even written into any legislation; it’s entirely an invention of judges.


billpalto t1_j80ce9h wrote

The classic non-apology apology.

"I didn't do anything wrong, but those people were deluded and thought they were acting for the right purposes. So I'll just pay them off. Using taxpayer money of course."


PeeFarts t1_j80wh1b wrote

I’m no Paxton defender, but it really bothers me how people put quotes around made up quotes all the time. Like, can’t you find an actual quote by him - I can promise they’ll back up the point your making perfectly well if not better.


slamdanceswithwolves t1_j81tcrs wrote

Fiction books can have quotation marks in them too. Do those “made up quotes” bother you?


PeeFarts t1_j81tozt wrote

I guess it’s difficult for me to answer that question since im confused why we’re comparing a fiction novel to a comment from a person on a social media website.


slamdanceswithwolves t1_j81uax5 wrote

Because quotation marks don’t always denote a direct quotation. In this case it is just to show the voice of someone other than the writer. I’m sure you’re aware of that, but you’re making it seem like someone is being dishonest here and that is not the case.


iheartsimracing t1_j819d53 wrote

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has agreed to apologize and pay $3.3 million in taxpayer money to four former staffers who accused him of corruption in 2020


Quixan t1_j81p6mp wrote

Kinda seems like corruption to use public funds doesn't it?


gardenpartytime t1_j8123kx wrote

For an Attorney General, Paxton has a very weak grasp of the law.


Sweatytubesock t1_j81soco wrote

He has a strong grasp on breaking the law and getting away with it.


DamonFields t1_j8130x2 wrote

We live in an age where overt corruption has very deep pockets.


Quixan t1_j81pgqo wrote

Well when the money is coming from public funds, it's hard to imagine a limit!


Sarnsereg t1_j81jkge wrote

So he gets off scot free because he settled instead of facing consequences?


dannylew t1_j81m128 wrote

I would settle for Paxton getting 50 years in prison.

Or repeatedly kicked in the dick for all the money he stole from us.


comments_suck t1_j829r1d wrote

Or for him to undergo a field sobriety test every evening for the rest of his life. ( For those not from Texas, the man has a lazy eye that can't follow a finger or pen well).


mces97 t1_j81z2t4 wrote

How does one settle with aides being fired, for reporting potential criminal activity, yet, no criminal charges? Why settle? Doesn't that point to a guilty state or mind?


comments_suck t1_j82a8gc wrote

It's two separate issues.

First issue is that several on his staff, including some very high-ranking people, filed a complaint that he was using his office to do legal favors for a friend/campaign donor.

Second issue is that he fired those people for squealing on him. You can't really do that because even Texas has whistle-blower laws, and it was retaliation.

This settles issue 2, and said attorneys go on their way pulling in 6 figure salaries in private practice.


countrygrmmrhotshit t1_j82vhi5 wrote

It is beyond any means of understanding how anyone can vote for this slime


eshemuta t1_j83o682 wrote

They’d vote for a serial killer to keep a democrat out of office


starving_to_death t1_j80wynq wrote

He reminds me of the Tobey Maguire character from Babylon.


Yusbhere t1_j84hgp6 wrote

This is just another example of hard proof the state government in TX and the southern red states are corrupt. Paxton pays off whistleblowers with taxpayers $ who call out his stealing $ from state taxpayer’s. Ugly regardless of political affiliation. Trump Santos butt ugly!!!!!


InternationalBand494 t1_j82i3e6 wrote

God I hate this hypocritical jerk. Of COURSE it’ll come out of state funds and not his own pocket.


Z00tNT00tN t1_j84t0o2 wrote

Wish they’d stop using our taxes to clean up their fucking messes


sunnygirlrn t1_j87nz7i wrote

If Texans and Oklahomans would get out and vote, we could end corruption.