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zeddy303 t1_j9qqsmd wrote

Gosh, don't you just hate infighting? Unless of course, it's an enemy.


mrlolloran t1_j9qzagx wrote

Never interrupt your enemy when they’re about to make a mistake


A-Do-Gooder t1_j9r8fww wrote

This is really good advice. Someone's it's best just to step back.


High_Seas_Pirate t1_j9rfq6x wrote

Sun Tzu had a lot of good advice.


WOOKIExCOOKIES t1_j9s08q6 wrote

He should write a book or something.

Sun Tzu's Big Book of War


Aldervale t1_j9sgnvt wrote

Sun Tzu's War for Dummies


Hopeful_Hamster21 t1_j9sil15 wrote

Yeah, the art of War really is cliffs notes about warfare.

Don't have time to get a PhD in warfare and augment that with 20 years of experience and hard learned lessons? Read these fortune cookie tidbits Instead! You'll be an expert in no time! /s

/s because The Art of War is quite excellent. And I know the "fortune cookie tidbits" might come across as racist, but that was meant not meant to mock the Chinese or Chinese Culture (fortune cookies are an Americanism anyway) , it was meant mock people who look at The Art of War as cheesy "foreigner" soundbites that can be easily disregarded (its not, thus I mock them).

My point is that, (a) despite how good the art of war is, it's meant to augment a life long learning quest on the topic, not supplant it and (b) some people do consider it cheesey, disposable, "fortune cookie" quality junk, which it certainly is not.


trollsong t1_j9sx30x wrote

Sun tzus guide on how to be a dickhole alpha in business


Art-Zuron t1_j9tz738 wrote

That's called "The Art of the Deal"


trollsong t1_j9tzgzv wrote

Sun tzu, legend of the five rings, and the prince are sadly often sold as guides on how to be a better businessman.


Art-Zuron t1_j9u0fdh wrote

Modern capitalism is inherently exploitative, so I don't doubt it.


Shradow t1_j9spzyr wrote

I'd say he knows a little more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it! And then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor!


fxmldr t1_j9svv4a wrote

Then he took two of each animal and put them on a boat...?


[deleted] t1_j9swun9 wrote

And then he beat the crap out of every single one.


ITwerkForALiving t1_j9qs2ov wrote

He better be careful and listen for windows sneaking up behind him.


trampus1 t1_j9r9pw6 wrote

Just stay in 1 story buildings specifically.


goofzilla t1_j9r680f wrote

The CIA guy and the retired major general aren't even trying to hide their excitement. "Fuck yeah go kill each other!".


travelers-live t1_j9qtuq2 wrote

This guy has balls (and probably an elite unit of mercenaries protecting his every movement every day). I can't imagine speaking out against Putin unless you knew you were 100% unreachable.


sassydodo t1_j9qx4d0 wrote

He isn't speaking against Putin, he's got problems with the Russian ministry of offense


CocoMURDERnut t1_j9rc3dk wrote

Yeah I think people forget that even though Russia maybe corrupt, it still has different areas of government handling different tasks/functions. Which has their own responsibilities, & people who are heads of such.

Putin has a lot of say in things, but functionally the tasks are divided much like ours.


OlinOfTheHillPeople t1_j9s0use wrote

True, but this comes as part of a series of public shakeups from Prigozhin in just the last few months.

Technically (and legally), he isn't even allowed to acknowledge that Wagner is even in Ukraine at all, yet here he is using social media to publicly badmouth the military and take credit for gains in the war.


billdkat9 t1_j9qth4c wrote

A Russian Mercenary Oligarch has to know what happens in the end


i_love_pencils t1_j9r37hu wrote

Read the headline as “Putin’s genitals explode” and needed a moment to collect myself before clicking the link…


ResponsibleLevel55 t1_j9r090o wrote

And you thought the Imperial Japanese Military's inter-service rivalry was bad. I wonder if this will result in similar turmoil for Russia.


mewehesheflee t1_j9rhaf8 wrote

It was really stupid for Putin to allow someone to have their own private army.


YourWordsMatter t1_j9sb45p wrote

Not at all. That private army focuses Putin's enemies in one spot. He then uses that mercenary army to do the dirtiest and most dangerous work. They die in droves. Putin gets to eliminate opponents and use them for his own ends at the same time.


vix86 t1_j9rpmkm wrote

> Russian warlord's

This suddenly become the Russian Romance of the Three Kingdoms? 😅


Flaky_Seaweed_8979 t1_j9s4d1p wrote

I cannot even imagine what it’s like being a Russian Gen Z right now.


VomitirPukein t1_j9qxki8 wrote

Let me open this window for you.


TooMad t1_j9qu2kx wrote

The warlord is looking to defenestrate himself.


Big-Routine222 t1_j9ryhvq wrote

He better be reeeeaaaalllly careful for the next little while. Too many windows, stairs, and balconies to conveniently fall from.


reddideridoo t1_j9sm4cc wrote

Nice, the more they destruct themselves, the less they can devastate Ukraine.


[deleted] t1_j9tds8m wrote

oh man, i hope we get a big name to go out a window soon! like medvedev or the wagner leader guy!


Jim_from_GA t1_j9th4e1 wrote

The first time I read that headline, I would have sworn it said "Russian warlord's feud with Putin's genitals explodes into the open".

Now that would have been an interesting story.


Toallpointswest t1_j9que30 wrote

He's going to want to make sure that all the high rise windows are locked


Outrageous_Heat_4529 t1_j9t53p5 wrote

Is anyone worried about a potential coup with Russia? I know no one is a fan of Putin. But, what if there is worse? Someone who would’ve used nukes after the first month? That kind of person exists…

It just seems like we’ve been here before.. fighting a bad guy to have them replaced with someone worse.. first examples that comes to mind is Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Nicaragua, you know…


Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_j9tyzk0 wrote

They’ll be too busy struggling to consolidate their own power to be firing nukes at the west. That’s the surest way for them to go down.


Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_j9tyhfi wrote

Look out Vladdy boy, Count Orlok’s coming for your job. Serves you right.


kdubz206 t1_j9v5hh8 wrote

I think pootin let's it slide because as a dictator, you never want one faction to get too powerful. By having the armed forces in one camp and Wagner in another it creates some checks and balances for him. I also read that Wagner received the ammo they needed after this very public complaint. So I guess the system is working? Only cost several hundred/thousand russian lives in the process. 🤷‍♂️


sexisdivine t1_j9vbabm wrote

No. Stop. Don’t. Oh well we tried.


Squire_II t1_ja8u7s0 wrote

When Putin finally dies, Prigozhin is going to be first in line to try and seize power in the vacuum, with his Nazi mercenary army to support those endeavors.