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rabidstoat t1_j86qv8d wrote

People who are found many days later have a source of water, enough to keep them alive, through something like rainfall.

In the Sampoong department store collapse in South Korea, the last surivor was rescued 17 days after the collapse with only a few scratches.

More details here.


DaanGFX t1_j87c6rj wrote

> and a man rescued after nine days reported that other trapped survivors had drowned from the rain and from the water used for fire suppression.[12]

New fear unlocked. Holy shit.


Wolfwoods_Sister t1_j8729lb wrote

Oh god, I remember this story. The sheer greed and incompetence killing so many people and then the guilty convictions brought so little prison time. Made me sick to read it again.

I didn’t know that ppl had drowned during the fire fighting efforts. That kills my heart. Those poor ppl.


cutebabies0626 t1_j88t7pk wrote

I was a kid in Korea when this happened, I remember watching this news vividly. My mom went to this department store before as well when we were living in Seoul. She was super shocked when this happened.