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JBupp t1_jd2s5jt wrote

No license; driving after midnight; not his car ...

It's a tragedy but there's so many wrong things in the story.


VeteranSergeant t1_jd3fzzm wrote

Was rented to a relative. I'm guessing the teenagers took it for a joyride, and the younger kids went along for fun.

It's probably nothing suspicious. There were two sets of siblings in the car at least. Apparently the driving teen had taken cars out before and gotten in trouble for it (with his family, not legally).


Practical_Bee8225 t1_jdgyow1 wrote

Unfortunately, it was not a joy ride of any kind. The father and his wife forced those kids across state lines to panhandle and told them they couldn't come home until they got a certain amount. The car was rented by an adult family member for this sole purpose. The kids were tired, cold, and begged in a phonecall for a hotel, but the parents said no. The boy at the wheel fell asleep and crashed. These parents are the reason those kids are dead. Also, they're collecting money from a Gofundme that has over $60,000 for burials for the kids, but the bodies were already cremated by the state for FREE. They're just using the GFM to scam more money out of people. It's disgusting. This was confirmed by a close family member who is trying to get the truth out.


impy695 t1_jd720zx wrote

It unfortunately happens a lot. Probably every high-school has a group of teenagers who die in a tragic car accident where they were driving dangerously. A lot of the time, there's not even drugs or alcohol involved.

And as tragic as that is, what almost always happens next, takes one of the worst situations imaginable and somehow makes it worse when the parents of the passengers all start suing the parents of the driver and a lot of people around it are forced to pick a side.


Al3rtROFL t1_jd3aprw wrote

Gonna have to charge them as an adult?

Edit: the teen

Edit2: manslaughter


RaVashaan t1_jd3ex0w wrote

The teen driver is dead. Whether the parents will face negligence charges is TBD.


hulkster1212 t1_jd4u73n wrote

This idea of charging parents for everything children do seems unfair. Yes there are times parents should be held liable, but this seems to be mentioned every time now. Kids are idiots and you can’t watch them 24/7.