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TheThebanProphet t1_jef8tc9 wrote

As much as I am to loathe the fact that the Turkish government is holding Swedish support for the Kurds over their head, I think the realpolitikal move as the Swedes would be to pay enough lip service to the tyrant Erdogan to make him happy while continuing to support Kurdish independence and self determination under the table until they are ratified.

Alternatively the Turkish government could take a minute out of their 500+ (including Ottoman) year existence and just stop being a bunch of shitters.


greihund t1_jefeal8 wrote

The people who Erdogan wants deported from Sweden aren't Kurds. They're political enemies who he claims took part in that 'attempted coup' he staged a few years ago so that he could lock up his rivals, progressives and thousands of schoolteachers.