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>when the 60-minute limit is reached, minors will be prompted to enter a passcode to make an “active decision” to keep watching. For accounts with users under 13, a parent or guardian will have to set or enter an existing passcode to allow 30 minutes of extra viewing time once the initial 60-minute limit is reached.

That's not quite right.

Under 13 needs a parental code.

Of course parent can hand out the code but that's just plain ol' bad parenting at that point.


Velkyn01 t1_jahppg3 wrote

Parents shouldn't be letting their kids under 13 onto TikTok in the first place.


PixelationIX t1_jahqyez wrote

That is whole another discussion.

Many would say people under 13 should not be allowed on any social media or even go as far as to way on the internet but parenting style is always ever changing and what is and isn't accepted today might be or not be accepted tomorrow.


IsThisKismet t1_jahtonl wrote

Josh Hawley (ugh) wants to change it to 16. I’m pretty sure this genie is already out of the bottle. But we’ll do whatever we can to keep from addressing the root causes, like absentee parenting.


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I bet it won't be much different from the current generation entering the political sphere. After all, most of the people entering politics now are living after the end of the fairness doctrine and the realities in people's media spheres started really looking different. And frankly, it's not anything that's happened over and over again before that. All American entertainment and media follows the same profit generation algorithm, it's just computers driving it now instead of people. My only expectation is that they're either drowning by the media's noise or grow up used to it and can drown it out. Of course by the time gen alpha gets to politics we'll be worrying about the next generation of kids growing up on or with tech that you and I honestly can't even dream up yet. It's all kinda cyclic with technology and society's relationship with it.


Kalamac t1_jaiwfg4 wrote

Presumably tech savvy kids, with parents who know nothing about TikTok and don’t care to learn, will be setting the passcodes themselves anyway.

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Azudekai t1_jamga0k wrote

I think "tech savvy" is a pretty generous moniker for a kid who's found out they should lie about their birthday to get around age restrictions.